Tidbits from ARROW Cast at Heroes & Villains Fan Festival (Chicago, 2017)

- Los capítulos favoritos de cada actor son: Willa (capítulo en el que Thea está con Oliver en Lian YU), Katie (3x13), David (capítulo 100, en el que hace de Green Arrow), Echo (5x20), Charlotte (3x05) y Katrina (el capítulo en el que Nyssa y Laurel comen patatas fritas)

- Diggle le comenta a Wild Dog en un próximo capítulo que no tienen tranquilizantes así que necesitan hacer los menos heridos posibles.

- Stephen dice que nos va encantar el capítulo 5x20, porque todas sus escenas son con Emily, lo que no ha pasado nunca hasta ahora.

- Brandon comenta que no tiene escenas con Emily en Legends of Tomorrow porque todas sus escenas son con Caity y Amaya.

-Thea vuelve para la crisis del final de temporada, pero Speedy aún no se sabe.

-Sobre quién tiene más habilidad natural para el atletismo, si David o Stephen…. David contesta que Emily.

- Según David Ramsey hay una gran  oportunidad de romance para Olicity al final de temporada.

Jack and the White Wolf

Can we talk about how important the details on the wolf were?

They could have made the wolf any color but they made it white. White not only represents purity and all that but seeing a lone, white wolf can also make someone think of Jack, a lone wolf himself. But there’s not only that.

White wolves are symbolic in many cultures like, oh say, Japanese. White wolves are said to prevent misfortune in Japanese belief. There is a story about an ancient Japanese hero named Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto. He went on an expedition but when he went deep into the forest of Chichibu mountains, a heavy fog came in and he got lost. But then, a wolf appeared in front of him. A white wolf. This wolf walked with him and guided him out of the fog and ultimately out of the forest. He was so grateful to the wolf for it’s help that he made a shrine and deified the wolf that helped him, making it the god of the wolves.

They also believed that wolves of any color would protect the good and the god of wolves would punish the bad. They were, in a way, worshiped and respected by the people also because wolves hunted the animals that would ruin farms (deer, boar, etc).

If Genndy made this little side story about Jack and the wolf a nod to ancient Japanese beliefs and the story of the god of wolves, then color me even more impressed than I already am with this man.

Maybe Jack was even told this story as a kid and when deciding to trust the wolf, this story also helped push him to do so.


Maslany and Alexandre began discussing one of the clone scenes from episode four of the fifth season. Kennedy accidentally let slip that it takes place in a convent, but that’s not the important part.

Kennedy said, “Kathryn constantly gives that level of performance, utterly unselfish but isn’t rewarded by being seen. (to Alexandre) I am just in awe of your work. It’s just incredible.” In particular, Maslany cited a scene from the upcoming Episode 4 in which Alexandre gave such a strong performance that “we all felt shivers… and it will never be seen, and it’s so frustrating.”

“It’s a close-up of me,” Maslany said. “Kathryn is next to the camera here. She gives me this performance we all felt, the whole crew was like shivers. It’s only on me and she gives me literally 10 times what I was remotely giving her.”

Whichever clones are face-to-face in that scene, whatever they are discussing that made the crew shiver, it pleased the creators.

“My favorite scene of the season is the result of that work,” Manson teased.


Tidbits from Stephen Amell Panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Festival (Chicago, 2017)

- Stephen resucitaría a Tommy de la muerte si pudiera traer a alguien de vuelta.

- Un niño pequeño pregunta si Olicity volverán juntos. Stephen dice que van a explicar la relación fría que ha habido entre ellos esta temporada en un próximo capítulo.

- Una niña vestida de Black Canary pregunta si William va a descubrir que Oliver es su padre: Stephen dice que apostaría a que sí va a suceder.

- La forma en que Arrow es promocionada no es necesariamente el modo en que lo haría Stephen. Lucha por tener más control sobre eso.

- A Stephen le gustaría que Oliver tuviera más posicionamiento político en la serie.

- Según Stephen sería genial si la identidad de Oliver fuera descubierta pero no creo que eso pudiera sostenerse en la serie.

Samurai jack S5 ep 3

All i can say is that Jack was savage he got tired of Ashi’s crap talking x3 and he went through the daughters of aku so quick my head was left spinning and my mouth was wide open. I was so happy that the wolf was still alive and him and Jack healed together :) it made me smile this show juat keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work genndy tartakovsky this show is a testament of how beloved shows or shows in general should be brought back ❤💓


“Seeing her clamor back into that power has been interesting to me,” Maslany said. “There are a lot of character-specific episodes where we really got to dig into who they are in a more focused way. The Rachel episode is really exciting for me.”

Manson was quite clear that there’s no turning back for Rachel. “Yes, she’s a villain,” Manson said. “Rachel is very deep this year.”

Fawcett added, “We wanted Rachel to rise to the top through her villainy. At the same time, we love her so much. We can’t help but try and make people sympathize.”

“I feel like Rachel’s had one of the biggest arcs… a lot of transformations… things that changed her power entirely,” said Maslany. Manson added, “Rachel is very deep this year, she’s very powerful.”


okay so…… I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the past week and,,,,,, who will season five be about??? like, i know we’ll probably get some clues in s4 the way we did in previous seasons (focus on the unresolved noorhelm subplot in s1, isak living in the basement in s2, and arguably [since we STILL don’t have the trailer] the focus on religion and importance of Sana in s3) but right now just trying to figure it out i’m ???? 

at this point, my best guess is Jonas to be honest. I’m not really sure though, because I can’t think of what his season might focus on? BUt I basically eliminated all other possible characters from being main for season 5 for the following reasons:

+ I strongly believe s4 will be Sana’s. Her plot had been building since s1 and 2, and she had a lot of importance during s3. Sana as main just seems like a very logical choice at this point in the skam timeline.

+ Vilde will likely be the main for season six due to her character being so invested in russ time. I think this is also a logical choice for Julie to make since Vilde has been concerned about Russ since literally episode 1, so this will be an important time for her.

+ so unpopular opinion but…. I personally don’t think Even is going to get a season for various reasons, mainly that the show revolves around the group of ‘99s introduced in season one and their school/life experiences. The series has never revolved around him the way it has with the girl squad, Isak and Jonas. So despite being an overwhelming fan favourite, I can’t see Even getting a season without fundamentally altering skam’s main concept. Especially since by s5 he will have graduated. (I do think there will be some kind of focus on him in s4 at least, at the very least to follow up on plot from s3 the way s3 did with s2’s, and s2 with s1’s relationships)

+ I don’t think girl Chris will get a season, partially because I believe that her actor Ina is busy with many other projects and might not have time for that kind of commitment? Also I just get the vibe from Chris’s character that she’s there to round out the girl squad almost? (that sounds horrible but honestly she’s the goofy character who provides comedic relief, and has wayyyy less development than the other girls. unless they give her more focus in s4 I just don’t see her getting a season unfortunately…)

+ Magnus and Madhi were only introduced in s3, like Even, so I just can’t see them becoming a main. My belief is only the core cast introduced in s1 will become mains, since it just seems logical. (Although I guess Julie could completely surprise me haha)

so therefore logically the only possible candidate is Jonas. I’m curious as to what his season would be about, since he doesn’t seem to have any conflict outside of his s1 relationship with Eva….. I’d like to see him as a main though!

this is such a pointless post that got really long haha