so has anyone thought about this shot yet

(gif from here)

stiles looks pretty hurt/angry/upset here and my guess is he’s wiping something off his evidence board and then just slaps the rag or whatever it is against it in frustration

in my opinion there’s two possibilities

one, the word said ‘doctors’ or something and whatever happened, it had to do with them

two, it’s ‘desert wolf’ and stiles is upset bc of his break up with malia and/or she betrayed him and the pack (tagline watch your back pack)

now i realise the capital d looks different than the one from the gif, but that might just be bc dylan had to write it another time or stiles added something to it idk

what if in season five, lydia’s losing her sanity, little by little. 

it started in the summer. 

just tiny things that she should’ve known better than to dismiss, given the circumstances. cold sweats, hot flashes, whispers in the back of her mind that rang out like sirens against the quiet that had been present for so long. she’d close her eyes tightly and blink them away, snapping back into reality abruptly. and somehow, she’d get away with no one noticing. scott and kira are laughing with stiles and malia, and her grimace of pain is passed off as a sarcastic eye roll. 

(there was that one time though, that one time that she opens her eyes to stiles watching her with that look on his face, and for a second she sees him shift towards her. 

help me tries to claw its way out of her lungs, but then he shakes his head and turns away, and her pride guts the words and lays waste to them altogether)

when she walks into school on the first day of classes, there’s silence. she blends into the roar of the crowd but it’s quiet, and she’s comfortable.

looking back, she thinks she probably should’ve sensed the irony.

her life becomes a loop of horror, winding around her throat and choking out her screams, shoving them all into the depths of her mind and shattering any semblance of control that she has. she starts mistrusting her eyes, afraid to blink lest something is stolen from her again. she keeps them pried open until she can’t anymore, but the darkness told her lies. she’s so sick of the lies.

she starts to think that there’s no point in opening her eyes at all. 

she can look all she wants but she’ll never see.

she blinks. she’s at home. she blinks. she’s shaking in a field with blood on her hands. she blinks. she’s screaming, ripping her throat raw (she can’t even tell who’s dead at this point). she blinks. she’s kissing stiles wrapped up around him on his bed, falling into his warmth forever. she blinks. she can’t tell what’s real anymore.

she blinks.

she’s strapped to a bed in eichen house. 

buffy vs. dracula
  • Buffy:Yo, I'm calling to say that I'm giving you a hundred and ten percent this year. I'm realized, I'm focused, and I'm gonna be churning out the good stuff like you've never seen.
  • Giles:That's great, Buffy.
  • Buffy:Oh, I mis-dialed, I thought I was calling my nutritionist. Goodbye. [hangs up]
  • Giles:Ok, Season Five, here we go.

Do you all remember when Melissa Ponzio posted that X-Ray.

link to her Instagram post: https://instagram.com/p/0LzpyVh1co/

I know literally nothing about how to read an X-Ray. But I think the image is of someone’s spine.

I do recall someone on tumblr who knew someone with knowledge of this stuff mention it was a seriously bad injury, I think of the spine or some part of it.

If the images are connected and the X-Ray is Stiles It might mean he has a broken back from his Car accident.

And I was concerned before about the accident before and now maybe this!

This season is going to kill me.

Seriously Just seeing him in that short moment unconscious in the jeep upside down with fire in the back ground is just giving me tears.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Stiles' car accident? I don't know how he'll survive that.

This is Beacon Hills - no one ever stays dead :) 

I think he’ll survive it to be honest. It’s too big of a spoilers to put in the trailer i think if it’ll lead to his death. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Stiles could die - they all could, but if he does, I just don’t think that is what’ll kill him :) 

Stiles has healed surprisingly well from lots of injuries before, in fact I’ve been saying he’s almost suspiciously resilient for a mere human… And the last time his body got taken over and destroyed he just made a clone, so… yeah. Not too worried to be honest :)