• AA: "She’s just slotted right in, and she’s not going to split them up. She’s being really cool." (2014)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: I’m sure she’ll probably take a backseat, slightly, ‘cause it’s all about John and Sherlock, but I’m hoping she’ll have some meaty stuff to do. (2014)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: One of the big things I wanted to make sure of was that she would never be divisive; that she would never knowingly mean to come between Sherlock and John, get in the middle of that friendship. (2016)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: It's about Sherlock and John, and I don't want Mary to become the third wheel. I want the show to be about them, really. (2016)
  • Some people: Amanda knows what's up. Mary is a threat to Sherlock and John's relationship. She must go. (2013-forever)

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What do you make of a spoiler pics from 6x11 of Henry being knighted and Regina interrupting the ceremony?

I think it’s the beginning of the part I have been waiting for since I started writing this blog in 4A—the part where it’s Killian and Emma’s turn to live out everything that show has been setting up since the start of 3B, with Snowing’s present-day storyline and their flashback storyline, and Zelena and Robin’s storyline with their baby, and Rumbelle’s storyline with their baby, and…just…EVERYTHING that has been set up, and EVERYTHING that I have been talking about for the LONGEST time on this blog!

What those promo pics, and Regina interrupting Henry’s knighting ceremony, tells me is that 6.10 is the start of EVERYTHING—the climax of the story.

It is the start of Killian’s journey to finding out his true parentage (both his parents are gods and why he was raised a mortal) and why he’s a “survivor” (immortal), it’s the start of Emma finding out about her pregnancy and becoming desperate to keep her new baby, it is the start of Killian finding out he was a Savior and is now the new Sorcerer, it is the start of Henry embracing Killian as a father and becoming a protective older brother, it is the start of the Captain Swan Sleeping Curse/TLK storyline, it is the start of the breaking of the Dark Curse, it is the start of everyone’s return to the Enchanted Forest. It is the start of Regina’s fall from grace and her return to being the Evil Queen, which will end in her death. It is the start of the fallout of Regina’s and Henry’s relationship, culminating in her trying to kill him, and him succeeding in killing her. And it is the start of the storyline being centered on the Captain Cobra Swan family and the upcoming CS Baby.

In other words, those promo pics tell me that this is the beginning of the best part!!! ;-)

It’s the show’s “Repeating History” theme. I’ve mentioned it again and again over the years, mostly because it leads to accurate-as-fuck predictions and, frankly, it’s the way that the writers write. They do episodes and episodes upon episodes of set-up and foreplay, and then explode and climax with a mere episode or two of non-stop action. Basically, all of the seasons, and all of the storylines, before this have been leading up to this—the 6B storyline. See…Henry’s fake knighting ceremony is a complete echo of the Pilot episode (only with Emma and Henry instead of Snowing), which means we’re about to see Snowing’s storyline from the Pilot echoed in Emma’s storyline with Killian and Henry in 6B. Make sense? It’s the “Repeating History” theme. Since this is the last episode of the fall half, that means it foreshadows the storyline of the Spring half of the season (6B). Thus, everything that will happen in this episode will be echoed in 6B. And this episode is an echo of the Pilot with Captain Cobra Swan in place of Snowing + Baby Emma, thus from that we can be sure that 6B will be an echo of the Pilot with Emma and Killian’s family rather than Snowing’s.

In other words, it’s everything I’ve been talking about since I started my blog.

But why is it Henry in the AU being proclaimed as a hero rather than Killian? Because Henry foreshadows Killian. And Henry also foreshadows his little brother—the baby Emma is pregnant with now. So him being knighted during that ceremony is a twofer—he foreshadows both the father (Killian) and the son (CS Baby) proving themselves heroes to Emma. Regina interrupting Henry’s knighting ceremony rather than Captain Swan’s wedding, which would be the direct one-to-one parallel, means that the emphasis on 6B won’t be on a superficial “wedding” ceremony for Captain Swan, but rather it will revolve around the products of their “union” (their physical and spiritual “union”)—their children (which Henry symbolizes). It will revolve around Killian and Henry (and the CS Baby) proving their heroism to Emma. Think Prince Philip and his White Horse in Sleeping Beauty, rescuing Aurora from Maleficent the Dragon and her Sleeping Curse. Think about Belle giving up her son in order to give him his best chance, and her son heroically helping her. Think about Emma giving Henry up, and Snow having Baby Charming taken from her, and Zelena having Baby Robin taken from her. Think about Snow having Emma too early and giving her up, and then Charming sacrificing his life to help her live and then Emma returning the favor years later. Emma’s storyline will be a combination of ALL of that and more in 6B. Except it’ll be with a “Robin Hood”-flavored, Sleeping Curse twist.

And, depending on how Henry responds to Regina showing up at the ceremony, it may even foreshadow Henry and Regina’s falling-out. If Henry throws his sword at Regina’s disappearing form, just like Charming did in the Pilot, it signals the start of the end of the Regal Believer relationship. It foreshadows Henry succeeding in killing Regina at the end of the season, because he’s going to fail to do so in this episode. It foreshadows Henry stabbing Regina in order to kill her. And considering the little dude is dressed like Charming from 5A, when he “won” himself the Siege Perilous in King Arthur’s court and was knighted by Arthur, it’s not that far of a stretch to believe that Henry in 6.11 is going to react exactly like Charming in 1.01 and will throw the sword at Regina in an attempt to kill her.

And then that brings up a further point about how Henry is dressed and what that symbolizes. Like I said, he’s dressed like Charming was dressed in 5A when he was knighted by Arthur and got the Siege Perilous—the seat “reserved for the knight with the purest heart, the one destined to carry out the most sacred quests”. Now…this is going to be a multi-layered explanation because it combines material from every season of OUAT, but try to keep up with me here. Henry echoes Charming in this scene, but he foreshadows Killian and the CS Baby. This means that Killian and the CS Baby (and Henry) all have the quality I talked about—they all have pure hearts and they’re all destined to carry out the most sacred quests. Killian, Henry and the CS Baby are all worthy of the Siege Perilous. This also means that they will carry out the most sacred quests in 6B. Killian will come to terms with the fact that he’s a Sorcerer and he’ll save Emma and their baby from being doomed to a Sleeping Curse forever. Henry will help Killian because Killian has always been the father he’s taken after. Henry is the little hero of the show and he’s the one recording Emma and Killian’s story in the storybook, thus he has to be there as their witness and Author. And the CS Baby will be born with a pure heart, just like Emma was. Only the CS Baby’s pure heart won’t be the product of his parents’ meddling (like it was with Emma), but rather his own actions before birth. The CS Baby (and Emma) will be the subjects of Killian’s and Henry’s sacred quest, which will culminate in the end of the Evil Queen, the end of the Dark Curse, the end of the Dark One, and the start of Killian and Emma’s everlasting reign in their kingdom (Camelot).

Oh, and that’s another thing that “knighting” scene foreshadows—a coronation for the finale. According to the show’s Biblical Savior storyline, once Killian and Emma “ascend into Heaven” (return to the Enchanted Forest), they also “ascend to the throne of Heaven”, just like Jesus (the Biblical Savior) did. This means that there’s already a throne and a kingdom waiting for Killian and Emma when they get there. Thus, Captain Swan will be crowned in the series finale, as foreshadowed by Henry being knighted in 6.10. Make sense?

So there’s a helluva lot those promo pictures (and just that whole situation and the fact it takes place in 6.10) tell me about what’s coming up in 6B, and it’s all good things (for me, at least). There are a lot of callbacks and references to past episodes and set-up, and everything makes sense looking backwards and speculating forwards. Overall, those pictures make me really happy because they tell me I am exactly on the right track, and we are about to go full-speed ahead on everything I’ve been talking about for two-and-a-half years now, so…I am one happy gal! Honestly, those two (Adam and Eddy) really know how to stretch my patience! They’ve been going at a fucking snail’s pace since 4B! Ugh!

But whatever. I’m over it. It appears we’re FINALLY here, and it’s about to happen, so…fucking finally! ;-P

Thanks so much for the question! I hope you have a great weekend! And enjoy the episode tomorrow! :-)

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The festive episode of the popular series about a Catholic priest-come-detective is called ‘The Star of Jacob’ and will be broadcast on Friday, December 23.

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Do you think the real ursula could be hooks mum?

The goddess whom Poseidon named his daughter after? Hmmm…

Yeah! Absolutely! Why not?

If you’ll recall some of my earlier theories around S4, I had suspected that a sea god/goddess was among Killian’s parentage. As I’ve said, Killian Jones holds several prominent positions within the show’s storylines, and among them is the position of “Will Turner/Captain of the Flying Dutchman” within the show’s Pirates of the Caribbean storyline. To make the long theory short, Killian’s storyline is a mix of Will Turner’s storyline and Davy Jones’ storyline from the movies, and that’s where Calypso folds in. The theory was that the woman holding the position of “Calypso” within the show was Killian’s mother.

So around 4B, I had thought that Cruella De Vil held that position (in human form). It looked like it for a quick second, but alas (though she was absolutely fabulous and I wouldn’t change my gin-baby for anything in the world), it was not to be. The theory continued into 5A, however, with the introduction of Merlin and Nimue. This time, the placement was a bit more solid. Merlin was positioned as “Davy Jones/The Captain of the Flying Dutchman” and Nimue as Calypso. Thus, I suspected Merlin was Killian’s “father” and Nimue was Killian’s “mother”. Symbolically (magically), I was absolutely correct. Killian’s powers came out of Merlin’s half of the sword, however, when Killian was “reborn”, he was “birthed” from the Dark One’s (Nimue’s) “womb”—the underground vault of the Dark One. Thus, when you look at Killian’s “rebirth” as a Dark One and then a Sorcerer, you can look at it as if he had two “god”-parents (the both of them were immortal and thus “gods”)—Merlin was his “god”-father and Nimue was his “god”-mother. Does that make sense? When Killian was re-born, he took after his god-mother, Nimue, and was born a Dark One. However, in the end, Killian chose to be more like his god-father, Merlin, and overcame the Darkness to become the next Sorcerer.

So I was much closer in 5A than I was in 4B with regards to Killian’s parentage. In fact, from the magical standpoint, I was dead-on. But we’re talking about his biological parents here. The other one of Killian’s significant positions is that of “Hercules” within the show’s Hercules storyline. And in this case, I’m less referring to the Greek Mythology version, and more referring to the Disney movie from a few years back. That storyline indicates that both of Killian’s parents are gods. In the movie, Hercules’ parents were Zeus and Hera, thus making him a full-blown god (rather than the demi-god in mythology). His adopted parents (the ones who found him when he reached Earth) were mortal, but not his biological parents. Because he’s positioned as Hercules, Killian’s parentage would therefore be roughly the same—both his biological mother and father would be gods. Brennan Jones would merely be his adopted (mortal) father, just like Hercules’ mortal father from the movie. I highly suspect Killian’s biological father to be Zeus, which would leave his mother open to be any goddess befitting the position of “Hera” from Hercules and “Calypso” from Pirates of the Caribbean. She would have to fit both storylines.

It could very well be that the goddess Ursula from the show would fit this description.

I, for one, found it incredibly intriguing that they made Ursula not be the “real” Ursula. They made her an octopus-like creature, sure, but Ursula had more of Ariel’s storyline than Ariel did! Regina was he one ultimately positioned as Ursula in the grand scheme of things, and Killian in his villainous state took on a few of those attributes, with a slight push from Poseidon (positioned as King Triton). But the most interesting thing to come out of all of that was the fact that there was a goddess named Ursula in this OUAT universe. There was no such goddess by that name in Greek Mythology. There have been sea witches in Greek Mythology, and sirens, and sea gods and goddess, and goddess born of the sea, like Aphrodite (the fairest of the them all), but no one by the name Ursula. So it was incredibly intriguing for me that they left that little tidbit there for possible future visitation (like this one).

So, yes, it is entirely possible that Killian’s mother is the real sea goddess Ursula. Going from Poseidon’s daughter’s description, and Poseidon’s own respect for her, she certainly sounded strong and fierce and wild and completely befitting someone who had to fit into the box “Hera” from Hercules and “Calypso” from POTC form when combined into a single character. I’d love to see that happen, actually. She sounds fantastic already! :-)

Thanks so much for your question! And I hope you have a great weekend! :-D