watched ouat premiere
  • loved regina and snow/regina
  • zelena still completely and totally selfish, am unshocked
  • astonished they even remotely mentioned that yes, yes the whole robin situation was a clusterfuck and z/r aren’t immediately going to be friends
  • aladdin is hot
  • new jafar is very much like the disney version
  • jafar is also clearly the oracle (dead parrot with evil red eyes hypnotizing emma? please jafar up ur game) predicting SAVIOR DOOMZ
  • what even was the rumbelleception
  • a wild random season 3 emma appears, wow emma you surely never had any episodes last year where you learned that keeping secrets and shutting your family out was a bad idea, or in any season really
  • archie hopper: still a bad therapist since 2011
  • at least they made it so blindingly bloody obvious that killian knows this stinks to high heaven that i doubt it will be dragged out for long
  • because of course he does
  • get some new ideas guys
  • dum dum dum dum da dee
  • is it just me or is hyde reeeeeeeeallly chewing the scenery, i wanna take him seriously but he’s just like GRAVELY VOICE BLOODY EYES I AM CLEARLY EVIL FEAR ME that, yeah ok whatevers hyde
  • fun episode, but not super exciting for a premiere imho
  • i feel like this year i am finally more or less a casual fan and it’s a good thing? weird, yeah, but it’s been 4 years of high level painstaking detail involvement and now i’m just like, sure fun hour of television, don’t feel need to analyze it obsessively, cool, same time next week then ttyl
6.01 - the saviour

finally watched it and:

even after watching the sneak peak like a billion times i still got so excited when that scene came on loool 

when regina was like “nope im not mad” at zelena she was so totally mad. that was cute and funny. 

i’m not sure what i felt about rumbelle but if the show wants them back together by the end of the series, i guess this is the right approach? having belle assert her choice and agency and stay away from rumple? idk man. 

i love emma so much okay. fuck the shady af oracle. she’s not going anywhere. she’s gonna live forever with hook, henry, her parents, regina, belle, and some other people. 

i like the way the hyde guy talks

emma is anti-archie looool

also ughhh they just came back from the UW and they’re already making cs “fight”

i love the fact that they’re letting regina grieve. its not just being brushed off. thank god.

i literally laughed out loud when zelena was like “why not emma for dragging you to hell” and regina shut that down pretty quickly looool YES

loved the regal believer scene - henry is such a believer its cute. and i share his headcanon too, robin is in a place where heroes go

loved the snow queen scene too. i really liked the setting for it too. the bench and lights and them wearing coats. it was cute. regina’s voiceover thing was good too


Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, Grimm, Big Bang, Once, Empire, Flash, Chi Fire, Gilmore Girls, New Girl and More
Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to askausiello@tvline.com Question: I’m curious about the mention of a boyfriend for Arrow’s Felic…
By Michael Ausiello

Question: I’m curious about the mention of a boyfriend for Arrow‘s Felicity (inTVLine’s Comic Con video). She’s supposed to be so traumatized by Havenrock that she has pretty much shut down and is focusing on work as a vigilante, but she’s also dating? Seems odd. —Morgan

Ausiello: Yes, Felicity is laser-focused on keeping Team Arrow alive, in some (new) form. But as such, no one can fault her for welcoming, after a “long day,” a shoulder massage at the loft from… well, you’ll see.