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This is my absolute favorite look and dress I have ever had for a role. Ever. Thank you to Edwardo Castro for the gorgeous design and a big thank you to ALLISON ROY who actually made the dress. The detail of every stitch and where every piece of lace is placed, makes this gown truly a piece of art. There is a femininity that Allison builds into the dresses that she makes that absolutely adds to the character and the storytelling. Adam, Eddy, Edwardo and I all felt like this should be the gown that SNOW picked for EMMA. The gown she always imagined EMMA going to the ball in had she been raised in Storybook with her family. I have never loved a piece of clothing more. Even despite the corset, I would live in it if I could. It is, right now, my absolute ‪#‎favoritething‬