s4daelivi asked:

3 & 32 :*

3) Current thoughts… excited to go out tomorrow night, very stressed and nervous for this semester, including a class that I haven’t got in and there’s a diagnostic I have to take but I can’t take it until they put me in a section but the guy hasn’t emailed me back yet… and also I’m really anxious because I applied for this amazing internship for this spring but I’m waiting on that email too to see if I get in or not. Currently cleaning my room since there are clothes everywhereeee.

32) Too many embarrassing moments. My life is an awkward soap opera. Like one time I went up to some girl that I thought was my friend Alice and hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear and she turned around and it wasn’t her. Yeah…. Go me. Oh and love the time that I was seeing two guys at once and turns out they were roommates? Last year was weird like that.