s4 spoilers

So I was replaying season one of The Walking Dead and Carley gave Lee the camcorder to ‘document his thoughts’ on, sure, yeah, they discover that creepy footage first but that doesn’t mean Lee never used it and with Lilly returning, from season one, what if Lee did use the camcorder after all and Lilly found it (maybe she returned to the motel briefly, with no where else to go that seems kinda logical, plus the camcorder would likely still be there since they rushed out of there so quickly). It’s probably unlikely but imagine if she gives it to Clem and we get to see Lee again, maybe he recorded a message for Clementine in case the worst happened, I’d die.

andthwip  asked:

thank you so much for mentioning elektra in your review. that bothered me a lot too. only that one mention? i expected him to say something at some point to foggy and/or karen. he loves/loved elektra and has lost her twice now.

the entire fucking reason matt is where he is in this season is because of his love for elektra, his willingness to die as long as he’d be with her. ignoring that did sort of make it feel like he’s just angry at the world and at god for nothing, no he’s angry at those things because they keep taking everything he loves away, everything that makes him feel like a person.

valid parts of season four:

  • the group hug
  • lance saying, “razzle dazzle!”
  • the entirety of episode two…i love episode two. episode two can come into my house and kill me and i’d say thanks
  • “for narti.”
  • THE LAST PARTS OF EPISODE SIX…lance’s speech to allura…allura saving the day…allura thanking lance and lance telling her that she was the hero and the heart of voltron…feels good feels nice feels organic
  • hunk, matt, and pidge being Science Bros™
  • the kaltenecker milking scene
  • all the lady galra !!

and everything else is invalid as FUCK thanks for coming to my ted talk


I cant believe Lotor became the Paladins clean G-rated pet.