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“You’re our family, Keith”  

my way to cope with the pain is drawing angsty-fluff headcanons and pretend they’re canon, don’t judge 

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y’all should reblog this if you’re still planning on being here after skam ends. i know a lot of people are worried that everyone is going to move on right away but i think it would be nice if this (even though it’s a small gesture) could potentially reassure those people that just because skam is ending very soon doesn’t mean there won’t be others out there still active after the show is done :)

me during season three: eh, i don’t like black paladin keith too much, but the team dynamic is really interesting! still, i wish lance or allura had been the black paladin, and i love red paladin keith too much to be completely happy with this.

me during season four: i would do anything for black paladin keith to come back oh my god please i need him to be back on team voltron i’ll do anything i