s4 stills

I think about Sherlock s4 every time I become nervous about how Black Sails will end. Because I know for a fact that it can’t be worse than an umbrella turning out to be a sword turning out to be a gun turning out to be a non-functioning gun, a secret sister with mind control powers, John’s suddenly non-existing feet and a dog turning out to have been a child all along aka The Final Problem. If the end of Sherlock brought something good with it, it’s this new coping mechanism of mine every time a show/book/movie series is about to end: “Well, at least it can’t be worse than the last episode of Sherlock.”

S4 was such a disaster and the behaviour of the BBC and the creators and everyone involved was just so awful that I officially lost interest in any Sherlock official content. I won’t buy official merch or dvds because I don’t want these people to get my money. I couldn’t care less about s5, Sherlock is dead to me.


I still love the fandom, I love the creativity, I love the fics and the art. We can have fun on our own and produce things that are billion times better than what we got. So I’m not leaving the fandom, I’m just divorcing myself from the source material. We have surpassed it tenfold anyway.