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Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You (62 Minutes Pt. 11)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Best Friend!Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Bobby Singer (mentioned), OC’s

Word count: 8,568

Summary: Dean takes the reader on their first official date. 

Warnings: smut, language, unwanted flirting? 

A/N: IM BACK BITCHES. It’s only been like…. 84 years. Honestly though I feel SO terrible this took me so long. I hope the wait was worth it! I’m in more of a writing mood currently so I can’t imagine I’ll take that long again- I’ll definitely do my very best not to. Special thanks to mi amor @jordanwinchesterimagines for encouraging me and editing this monster every step of the way. Lov u bb. 

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anonymous asked:

Hello!The reason I'm asking u this is because I love your answers, and u don't up down other characters to lift another, and the evidence you put with your answer. (Love your page) I read some post a while ago stating that Dean is a controlling doughbag. But I've always seen it as Dean trying 2 lead his loved one 2 do the right thing (Because you know how that ends up at the end lol) Ex: Sam tells dean don't let him go darkside,but gets mad when Dean tries everything 2 stop him. Thank you ^^

Hey there, and thank you very much. Sam and Dean have a very complicated relationship and I think the only reason someone would call Dean controlling is because they don’t understand (or are ignoring) the dynamics that were set up in childhood. We finally have canon confirmation that Dean had to be a parent to Sam, which helps for this discussion, but the fact is: we’ve always known this. Dean was tasked to take care of his little brother for weeks at a time (4.13):

cooking for him (10.12):

Making sure he had his books on the first day of school (4.13):

Procuring Christmas for Sam (3.08):

This is not a normal sibling job description. And it makes for a tricky dynamic because he had to act as a parent in so many aspects of their day to day lives. When Sam gets upset that Dean is telling him what to do, we’re hearing the complaints of a child trying to gain independence from a parent, and that’s made even trickier by the fact that neither one of them are kids anymore and Sam’s used to doing things his own way after breaking away from the family business and going to college.  And then he comes back and it’s right back to the old patterns, except that obviously Sam is used to making his own way. 

And the whole thing is muddied up because Dean is NOT Sam’s parent and he never should have had to be. They’re also brothers with normal grievances and times when they are shits to each other like any pair of brothers are (1.17 and 2.15):

Not to mention the fact that they take on very specific roles when they are hunting too, with Dean as the leader (3.03):

and really, no matter what’s going on with them (their huge fight during 9.16), that never changes because it’s a pattern set up from childhood

So basically you’ve got a sibling dynamic merged with a pseudo parent/child dynamic (throw in Dean as the de facto leader) and of course it’s gonna be all kinds of fucked up. 

Just take a look at these gifs (from 3.05), when Sam and Dean are arguing about whether or not to use the Colt to kill the demon who made the deal with Dean to bring Sam back? This is how the conversation ends: 

This is not a normal conversation between two brothers right now. This is the result of Dean having to be a pseudo parent to Sam for all those years. 

Right before this, Sam even comes out with this: 

Which reminds me of this (5.18):

And what’s Bobby to Dean? A pseudo parental type person. It’s not the same of course, because Bobby’s was an actual adult when he took on that role for Dean, but it tells us something nonetheless. 

And if we want to go deeper into how messed up everything is, we also have the times where Dean still fills the role of parent while John is around. 

This whole scene (from 1.21), where John clearly expects Dean to have told him about Sam’s visions is an indication of this. It’s Dean’s job to have filled John in, not Sam’s job. John relies on Dean to take care of Sam and fill him in on what he’s missed. Which is usually the role of a spouse in a family unit. 

Another example is the way Dean has to physically intervene when John and Sam almost come to blows (from 1.20). 

Not only does he tell Sam to cool it, he tells John to back off too. Like he’s protecting his child from the other parent in the family unit. 

This isn’t new, John expected Dean to protect Sam from anything that might hurt him when they were children. In 1.18, John tells Dean to watch out for Sammy and then asks, “And if someone tries to bust in?” 

Dean’s entire identity is wrapped up in keeping Sam safe, had to be both a mother and a father to him and people still ask why their dynamic is the way it is? Of course Dean is going to expect to be able to tell Sam what to do; he’s been doing it his whole life. He’s been put in charge of Sam’s well being since he was a young child. Of course Dean thinks he knows what’s best for Sam. And of course Sam would chafe against that sometimes; especially in the beginning. But you know what? Sam spends most of season five trying to make up for his mistakes in s4 and after that we don’t see much more of him insisting Dean is trying to control him after he says this in 5.05:

Because that’s what most of s5 is about, until we get here: 

While Dean also talks about why he defaults at treating Sam like a kid. 

It’s the whole reason Dean stops objecting to Sam taking on Lucifer. He lets him make his own decisions. Dean does default back, of course (because this wasn’t the end of the show and real life echoes this back and forth too). It’s an ongoing theme and one that’s addressed again in 12.22, with the Dean ‘sending Sam off to war’ plot. 

He was urging Sam to take his place in the world. It’s a complicated relationship, and it’s the reason I love them so much. These two men with their fucked up childhoods doing the best they can for each other with what they know even if it’s not entirely healthy on either side. And if someone has somehow missed the entirety of this particular dynamic, it’s not surprising that they’ll say Dean is controlling or Sam is belligerent.

Dean Winchester is 100% right.

As always the show tries to make it seem like Dean is on the wrong side, or is his actions and words are wrong or as he’s being too emotional, or unfair to the people around him (i.e: Sam, case, Mary) or as if he’s just selfish or stubborn not to support their ideas, their quest,their missions. They try (and sadly Successfully it does work on most fans) to make him out/to paint him as the bad guy, or someone who doesn’t understand or respect their perspective.

The thing is Dean does he understands better than anyone because he’s been doing his whole life, support his family and friends agendas/missions, and because he’s the one who’s always supporting their missions (never actually leading) he’s the ONLY ONE who goes into any of these missions CLEAR HEADED, he’s the ONE WHO NOTICES THE BAD SINGS, who is NOT so focused on the missions he loses the bigger picture or the possible consequences of these missions, he’s the ONLY one who spots that there’s something more to this than what it seems, he’s the only one who can actually sense when someone is playing him or any of his family members or friends, he’s the only who sees things for what they truly are and not what the others hope/believe to be.

And because of this he’s always on outside, he’s always the “bad guy”, he’s always “not supporting his friends and family’s missions agendas”, he’s always being too hard on his loved ones. The REALITY is he’s the ONLY one who’s LOOKING OUT FOR THEM, he’s the ONLY one who always TRIES HIS BEST TO AVOIDE further dangerous consequences for everyone’s actions/missions.

Examples: in S3 (and throughout S4) when he learned that ruby is a demon he has been warring sam NOT to trust her, warning him NOT use his powers, telling him over and over again that she’s manipulating him, twisting his fear (that his demonic powers would make him a bad person) into making it seem as if his demonic piers are good/can be used for good, telling Sam that god and angles told him (Dean) to stop Sam from using his powers more than once, and DEAN was 100% RIGHT because ruby was part of Lilith’s plan ALL ALONG.

In S11 yet again he was telling Sam over and over NOT to listen to the voices/visions he was seeing that they weren’t from god, telling him that there something NOT right about the whole thing, Sam yet again ignored him and because of Sam, Lucifer GOT OUT OF HIS CAGE AND NOW WE HAVE THE OMEN/ROSEMARY’S BABY ON THE WAY.

Now it’s happing all over again in S12 with the BMOL, Dean does NOT trust them for obvious reasons, and now both Mary & Sam are nothing more than their earn boy/girl who NEVER question anything and just follow orders blindly and Sam is acting as he’s on the right side by trying to convince dean to join this mission just as blindly as he & Mary are.

Dean was 100% RIGHT in telling Mary to ACT LIKE THEIR MOTHER, not to take care of them or cut the crust or whatever childish things, but to ACT LIKE THEIR MOTHER AND SUPPORTS THEM AND TRUST THEM more than a bunch of STRANGERS who for all she knows are the bad guy, that’s what he meant when he said she should ACT LIKE THEIR MOTHER, NOT actually be a mommy and take care of them or any of the other motherly things, because Dean has been TAKING CARE OF HIMSEF AND HIS BROTHER AND HIS FATHER SINCE HE WAS 4 YEARS OLD. So sure as hell had EVERY RIGHT TO BE MAD AT HIS MOTHER and it was 100% WRONG to make him apologize for what he said.

When he asked Sam to choose a side, he was actually asking him to pick HIS SIDE FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE, because Sam just as Mary, John, an case have ALWYS CHOSEN THEIR OWN SIDES OR THE SIDE OF A COMPLETE STRANGER/DEMON, and it was ALWAYS THE WRONG side. So when Dean asked Sam to pick a side he was actually asking for ONCE to pick his side, to trust him on suspension about the BMOL, but the end of the day Sam STILL AS USUAL PICKED BUNCH OF STRANGERS OVER HIS OWN BROTHER.

We all know by the end of S12 the BMOL will turn out to be the bad guys in some way or the other, and we all know Sam & Mary yet again will be have the rug pulled from under them especially Sam.

So if anyone even dares to blame Dean Winchester when things blow up in their faces (like we all know it will) for anything what so ever, i will go crazy post on your asses reminding of all the MANY MANY OTHER TIMES DEAN WINCHESTER WAS 100% RIGHT AND WARNED THE IDIOTS NOT TO DO SOMETHING IDIOTIC. So all this oh let’s blame Dean for this and that NEEDS TO STOP BECAUSE DEAN FREAKING WINCHESTER IS ALWYS ALWYS ALWAYS NOT MATTER WHAT 100% RIGHT.


Jack & Teal’c + fishing

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

I’m sure we all can agree that this line is one of the most popular lines of the whole series. A line everybody knows by heart. You know what it also is?

Dean’s and Sam’s relationship in a nutshell.

Jensen said it himself, that when he read that line in the script, it was the point when he really understoof of what kind the brother’s relationship is. I admit though, that back then it was most probably alluding much more to their ~playful/carefree relationship that consisted of a lot of teasing. In hindsight though, looking at that short exchange, it also kind of already captures what has grown to become an ever more complicated and toxic relationship that came to a head in S9 with Dean (once more) taking away Sam’s agency. Though this time in a bigger and more messed up way than ever before and with that decision leading to a complete fallout in their relationship (which is needed though, so they can form a better relationship).

So, the once kind of sweet funny line from the first season has turned sour by now, because Dean doesn’t just pick the music (and expects Sam to tag along), he also picks everything else as well (made decisions that weren’t his to make), plus: He also drives the car.

And you know - I actually might want to start a multiple part meta on the Impala alone and all the things it stands for and what it says about certain relationships or state of mind, etc. because WHOA, there is so much to talk about, but I am getting off track - that is the perfect metaphor for their relationship as well. Hell, Carver himself even said it head on this season: Dean drives the myth arc.

He not only drives the myth arc though, he has always been driving the story, he has always been the one behind the wheel. And you know who has most of the time always been in the passenger seat, maybe giving driving directions at best, but ultimately most of the time completely unable to steer and influence to make a left or a right turn with the car? Sam.

Sam has most of his life not been the one to drive his own destiny, write his own story (Stanford being the exception and the times he ran away, as well as brief periods in S4 and S6). He’s been stuck in the passenger seat. Kind of like Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad”, who finally was sitting behind the steering wheel in the series finale. Sam’s life has always been limited, influenced, controlled and he - symbolically speaking - was never able to learn how to drive properly by himself, because he was never given the possibility, the tools. And maybe that is exactly the reason why when he had the car and sat in the driver’s seat in S4 or in S8 that he was completely overburdened to know where to go. In S4 it lead him to trust Ruby, in S8 he was drifting until he found Amelia.

It’s time for Sam to drive, to turn on ignition (maybe even in his own car since the Impala has become so heavily burdened by everything that went wrong in the Winchester’s lives) and with that relegating his brother on the passenger seat. He might be better seated there anyway if an empty bottle of Jack in the morning is any indication…

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helooo, could you hint me to good Sam/Jack fic? i finished reading "the dreams we left behind" which i saw you shared a couple of days ago on here and i kinda figured you're the right person to ask for more? thxxxx

I bet you thought you were asking me a simple question with a simple answer, right Anon? Ha! I am generally incapable of brief answers. If a normal person would write three paragraphs, I will probably write three pages. That’s why this ask took me so long to answer. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks!

So…I might be able to point you in the direction of a few good Sam/Jack fics. ;-) Check my Stargate fic rec tag, for starters…

And now, FINALLY, here is a superlong list of my favorite Sam/Jack authors and stories, in no particular order. Note that for every one of these authors, I recommend pretty much anything they’ve written; the stories I mention here are my favorites.

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Hello yes i need proof as to why s4 sam is the hottest, s2 sam is the most beautiful, and s1 sam is the cutest. (Also i think s6 dean is the most beautiful dean) also some s8 sam, the most ethereal sam, for science. Thank you!


(I am having to make do with the gifs tumblr will give me or the caps I happen to have around so - these are not necessarily the best examples, pictorially speaking, but they’re hopefully representative)


S4 Sam’s hotness is helped out by two somewhat external factors: a) the fact that Jared bulked up between s3 and s4 for Friday the 13th, so to say he’s in great shape is a ludicrous understatement. I mean, he’s always in great shape. But in s4 and s5 his body is INSANE. (In s5 he’s usually covered in layers. He’s also not having a (comparatively) large amount of sex, and is facing Swan Song, so. Lusting after him is a little more complicated. Not that it can’t be done. BUT I DIGRESS.) This is the season of beefcake!Sam and brickwall!Sam (in themegalosaurus‘ memorable phrase). 

He’s also having more sex than in any other season, with both Ruby and Dr Cara. AND he’s amped up on demon blood and generally riddled with lust and animalistic impulse of various kinds. He’s more impetuous and viscerally driven than any of the other Sams we get to see. S4 Sam is hungry

He also looks like this:

THE  FOREARMS GUYS. THE SHOULDERS. THE FIST IN THE HAIR. THE CLOSED EYES. THE CHEEKBONES. But especially the forearms and that, like, ridiculous flexed square of muscle in his bicep. I didn’t even know arms could do that. 

S4 Sam will rip you apart OK. 


I wish I could find better pictures but these will have to do for now. 

S2 Sam is grieving and fucked-up - past the shock of Jess’ death but now completely alone in the world with Dean for the first time, an orphan, trying to sort out his own issues and also how he and Dean can be there for each other, he’s darker and more contemplative than s1 Sam and he’s BEAUTIFUL. There’s a depth to his eyes and a melancholy behind them but when he smiles it’s incandescent and even when he’s not smiling he sort of seems to glow

His bone structure is also particularly dismantling this season. 

Look at his cheekbones!

Look at his EYES!!


K honestly do I even need to argue this one? I don’t think so. There ain’t NOBODY who doesn’t think S1 Sam is the cutest Sam. He’s a tiny hoodie-wearing cutiepants with shaggy ‘00s boyband hair and the cutest nose in the world. 

(He’s already got the jawline of virility tho. Just sayin’.)

Originally posted by savingpeoplehuntingthings1983


OK, anon, this one is your point not mine, but I actually agree that S8 Sam is strikingly otherworldly. Part of it is his hair. Part of it is that this is the season he starts to feel like a Grown Ass Man. Part of it is the swagger and the fact that he actually looks like an honest-to-god model. 

But my personal favourite thing about S8 Sam, and it kind of encapsulates all the other points I think, is S8 Sam walks around like a fucking Norse god. Look at him in this gif, sweeping his hair off his brow and looking at you like he’s the goddamn son of Odin coming down from Asgard, or Heimdall destined to be last to die at Ragnarok. He’s Apollo, god of wisdom and light, or Prometheus who stole fire from the gods for the good of mankind. He’s something a little more than human in S8, and that feeling is only intensified by the angst that characterises this season more than (arguably) any other. It’s great hair and suits but it’s also suffering and estrangement and loss and redemption, 

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

p.s. I’m gonna make Dean his own post, so I’m going to leave him out of this one. 


#QUEERSAMWEEK Day 7: Free For All - Gen fic (AU where Mary Winchester wasn’t killed by Azazel, and neither Sam nor Dean grew up hunting; centered around trans woman!Sam)

Title: Free Falling
Author: bourgeois (written for samwinchesterblog)
Word Count: 1.3k
Summary: Right now, age 25, standing in front of her mother in her best Sunday dress and those same tacky earrings slightly chipped of their dollar store gold, Sam doesn’t think she’s ever been more terrified in her entire life. 

When Sam is 6, she goes to her first water park.

There’s a monster of a slide there (now that she’s over 6 feet tall—taller in her favorite pair of ruby heels—it probably barely catches her waist), and her big brother has already slid down it almost five times, but she stays perched at the top, tiny legs shaking in her hand-me-down swim trunks.

“Come on, sweetheart.” Her mother calls from the bottom, hands up and smile shining like the sun. “You can do it!”

Sam’s sure she can’t, sure she’s gonna fall fall fall and go splat right on the pavement. Her heart is hammering in her chest, and she feels more afraid than the time the neighbor’s dog barked and lunged at her from his leash on her way to school. But her mother is staring up at her like she can do absolutely anything, and she’s moving before she even realizes she’s going to go down.

She slides down on her belly, arms out like she’s flying, water rushing past her like she’s breaking through clouds, and her mom is right there at the end, picking her up and grinning wide.

“You did it!” She coos, triumphant and confident. “That’s my boy!”

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  • destiel s4: what is this booty I see here *sam sighs somewhere in background*
  • destiel s5: you're my best friend *sam sighs somewhere in background*
  • destiel s6: you're family *sam sighs somewhere in background*
  • destiel s7: you used to be my best friend *sam is crazy somewhere in background*
  • destiel s8: I love you *sam rolls eyes somewhere in background*
  • destiel s9: *think about each other 100% of the time* *sam is dying somewhere in background*
  • destiel s10:
  • destiel s11: baby? baby!! babyyyyy baby u ok??? *sam sighs really really loud somewhere in background*

I recently saw a post on my dash where OP blamed Dean for sending that fake text to Sam. This got me thinking of double-standards in this fandom. Because you see, this poster was, only focusing on the fake text, while conveniently ignoring Sam’s actions that made that fake text necessary in the first place.  

Sam employed the help of a mentally unstable man for a vampire hunt, Sam “I always give a chance to monsters” Winchester instantly hated Benny, Sam “I believe in you Dean” Winchester didn’t trust Dean to handle the situation. What’s more Sam stood by when Martin knocked Dean out, he essentially betrayed his brother’s trust there, since, Dean trusted him to keep him safe. Sam handcuffed Dean, left him unconscious and defenseless in a place where a vampire was actively killing people. This fandom would have called for Dean’s head if their roles were reversed.

So, Dean, upon waking up, was left with no other option. Sam was blinded by his jealousy and righteousness, and just like in S4, he was not ready to listen to reason. So Dean did what he always does, He tried to minimize casualties, and in this case he did that by sending the fake text.

Also, remember Dean did this not only to save Benny, but also to save Sam. Benny was certainly a formidable force, and Sam was not at his best after his year break. In theory, Sam could have easily ended up sharing Martin’s fate if Dean hadn’t intervened.

But see, Sam “I’m so smart” Winchester fell for this simple trick. He left Martin alone, mid-hunt at the first signs of distress. In one episode Sam proved that he was not a reliable hunter or partner. He abandoned both Dean and Martin, and was essentially responsible for Martin’s death. But I guess, since Martin is not a cute white girl(Aka Amy) no one talks about his death.

So in conclusion, Sam acted out of petty jealousy and perhaps some left-over guilt, didn’t trust in Dean’s judgement, was responsible for the death of a hunter, destroyed Benny’s safe haven and his life, caused great emotional distress to an innocent girl- Elizabeth. Note how Sam!stans talk so much about Sam’s emotional trauma over the fake text message, but they fail to mention the real, tangible trauma Elizabeth experienced because of Sam.

But the real drama came after the climax. In the way the show handled the aftermath of fake text fiasco.

The show used Charlie to blame Dean(classic writer mouthpiece), the show had Dean admit he was wrong to send that text. The show (and a portion of fandom), in essence, recited the mantra of “Dean was wrong in sending the fake text” so many times, that audience was subtly manipulated to believe in that. (Fun Fact:. Repeating Your Opinion Makes People Believe It, No Matter How Stupid It Is- it’s a legit brainwash technique and judging by Sam!stans defending every action of Sam, it seems to work very well on gullible audience)

While Dean was walked on coals for sending that text(again making a mountain out of a molehill like S7 Amy arc) Sam’s actions, as usual got excused. Worse, they were simply forgotten because, they weren’t important. Because, using violence against Dean, endangering Dean’s life, treating Dean like shit, not believing in Dean etc are considered normal on this show.

But yeah, why deal with the uncomfortable implications this interpretation presents, let us simply go with the official “Dean you are so bad and you are so mean to poor Sammy” version, because that is convenient right?

anonymous asked:

ok I'm actually pretty excited for the next season? the evil feels like something that could've been on buffy. i hope they won't fuck the next season up as much as they fucked up this one lol

literally the first thing I said when the black cloud started rolling over everything (which may or may not have been influenced by the fact that I’d just watched Mad Max: Fury Road) was “WHAT IF THEY GO TOTAL POST APOCALYPTIC HELLSCAPE?” and honestly that is now all I will accept from season 11. 

I mean one of the things I really liked about Buffy was that the stakes were upped every season (a bit like Supernatural s1-s5) and that Anything Could Happen, up to and including The Apocalypse and, in the end, the Hellmouth collapsing in on itself and all of Sunnydale disappearing into a crater. and it’s honestly Time for Supernatural to do something huge like that. the world has been saved multiple times, the status quo is ALWAYS restored regardless of the damage and how widespread it was (people falling out of the sky? were they ever going to address what the Average Joe thought about that?) and, like, it’s season 11. let’s go fucking mental. end the world. fuck it.

so, IMAGINE if this Darkness bullshit covers THE ENTIRE PLANET and it’s the actual, no-holds-barred, everyone’s aware of it Doomsday, and it’s something like Endverse meets Stephen King’s The Mist. everything looks normal except for the fact that a lot of places are completely deserted and the ones that aren’t are almost militarised, with bunkers and “safe places” with boarded up windows and everywhere has AIR RAID SIRENS because, like, sometimes everything’ll be fine (as much as it can be in a place that was plunged into darkness by a malevolent cloud and when it moved on half of the population of your town had vanished) when suddenly YOU’LL SEE IT, ON THE HORIZON and have to GET INSIDE SOMETHING and if you’re not quick enough you’re just GONE. THE DARKNESS WILL TAKE YOU. I want it straight-up apocalyptic: The Walking Dead vibes, but instead of zombies there is just the Darkness. the huge, all-encompassing Darkness.

(because we CAN’T have this Big Bad just go inside people and be an emotionless hive mind in ugly suits. that’s been done. we kinda had it with the angels – we definitely had it with the leviathan. it’s not scary. but a 30-storey high whirlwind of evil that a) could appear at any time, b) moves faster than you even when you’re gunning it in a car and c) you’re completely and utterly helpless against? and it just disappears you forever? that’s the shit I like.)

and Sam and Dean, like, try to rustle up everyone they can to try to fight it – and, honestly, because when it happened everyone IMMEDIATELY CALLED SAM AND DEAN like “WTF?” and they all ended up just banding together because, holy shit, this is terrifying – so you get The Gang (or what’s left of it: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Claire, Jodie and Alex, Donna… Garth? Krissy and co.? Mrs Tran? AARON + GOLEM?!?) all together, riding around, shacking up in abandoned houses and hotels, and– has anyone ever read Bird Box by Josh Malerman? kinda like that. close all the windows. shut up the doors. seal all the cracks. don’t let the Darkness in. they travel during the day, sometimes picking up other people, trying to [insert thing that will destroy the Darkness here – bust Lucifer and Michael out of the cage? round up as many angels as they can find to launch an attack? both? both? both is good], but they have to make sure that they’re Inside, somewhere safe, by dusk, BECAUSE WHEN IT’S NIGHT OUT YOU CAN’T SEE THE DARKNESS COMING. 

(I’m just saying, if we’re talking Supernatural WINDING THE FUCK DOWN now, then Sam and Dean finally being Michael and Lucifer’s vessels for a final, all-out showdown at the end of season 12 (because you can’t end the series on an odd number – that’d just be weird) and leading the angels into battle against the Darkness to restore peace to the world… that would be an EPIC ending. Sam and Dean would get to go out in a blaze of glory, and it would harken back to the s4/s5 apocalypse arc, ie. the best thing this show’s ever done.)

I just think the best thing for this show at this point would be a final couple of seasons of straight up MADNESS, in which EVERYONE KNOWS THE SCORE so the Winchesters can team up with any/everyone they want to without feeling ~responsible~ for their fates, and which would also mean A HUGE ENSEMBLE CAST OF THE REMAINING FAVES! which would be a great way for the show to go out – bring back the old breed, arm them against something New and badass that we’ve never seen them take on the likes of before (AGAIN: BUFFY! that final season was UNREAL) and give them an awesome send-off. level the playing field re: angels/demons/witches/hunters by giving them a common enemy, and let it all play out. I’ve been saying this for like 6 years, but I really don’t think I can stand another season of “wah wah wah we broke the world :(” Winchester mangst. like, please don’t make me watch another finale of Sam and Dean dying (or not dying, the worse for the rest of the world) for each other. I want them both dying for the good of humanity – finally getting to sacrifice themselves, for REAL AND FOR GOOD, and saving the entire world in the process. and the world actually KNOWING IT. 

that, or the Darkness manifesting as The Darkness, complete with Freddie Mercury leotards and double necked guitars.

so I don’t post a lot of meta/analysis on here because (a) I’m lazy af and (b) everyone phrases it better than I do anyway but imma wander out of my lane for a lil bit because I’m fucking obsessed with Sam’s little enraged “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”

[insert gif here but I’m also too lazy for that apparently whOOPS MOVING ON]

because we finally



have a Sam who isn’t just passively resigned to reliving his traumas over and over again. yes he is scared and alone and dying, and he’s literally been through Hell. but he also put his faith on the line and opened his heart to God. and all he gets in return is a flashback of (I’m assuming) his time in the Cage.

and he is SO. DONE. WITH IT.

he is done with reminders of “hey #tbt to that time you suffered a lot lol” and he is done with being a victim and so help him he is going to save everyone if it’s the last thing he does. his outburst is basically him telling God/the universe/the broken, traumatized parts of himself that if they’re not gonna help they’d best shut the fuck up cause Sam fucking Winchester is gonna save the fucking day whether you like it or not

and…. yeah that’s it that’s all I have to say Sam is the best ok bye