Kylie Lip Kit V2

I remade the first colors and added the 3 new ones, now they should fit all lip types & I also made them more matte since the last ones had a lot of shine on them!


Kylie Lip Kit #1: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- True Brown K;
- Dolce K;
- Candy K;

Kylie Lip Kit #2: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- Koko K;
- Posie K;
- Mary Jo K;

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Thank you ♥


100 FOLLOWER GIFT PART 1: @simlaughlove‘s cross strap swimsuit in @holosprite‘s summer citrus palette and patterns.

Thank you SOO much for 100 followers, you guys are awesome! As a huge thank you, I’m been making a ton of gifts. I absolutely adore this swimsuit so I recoloured it Holosprite’s awesome colours and patterns!

You will need this mesh by @simlaughlove for it to work: XXX


@simlaughlove for the adorable mesh
@holosprite for the lovely colours and patterns, which you can find here XXX
Made with Sims4studio and Photoshop
Hair 1 XXX - @wildlyminiaturesandwich
Hair 2 XXX - @ddeathflower

Thanks so much for the lovely mesh and colours! If you use this in your game, I would love it if you tagged me:D

*UPDATE* I’m officially an idiot, I forgot to include the download link.



I have been wanting to make this for ages, I have no idea how popular they are outside of Australia, but over here just about every house has one, some even say its un-Australian  if you don’t have one.

We have one in our back yard, we had one in our back yard as kids, used to get yelled at for swinging on it. Every house I’ve ever lived in, been to or stayed at has had one, so why not my sim house.
Three colors found in decorations/misc.This creation is Non-default.

By Mr S

Download at Simista


When I made this mesh, I had an idea in mind. However at the time my skills were lower and to be frank, I can’t believe the state this mesh was in. I’ve updated it so now the uv is fixed. I also edited the texture to look more how I pictured it. I think these turned out soo cute.

This creation is Non-default.

Mesh by EA frankenmeshed by me.

Comes in 30 colours. I may do a patterned version soon.

Custom Thumbnail included.

Download at Simista