Setlock Recap, 7.20.16

Setlock Recap, 7.21.16

  • We were told they were filming again, but we didn’t find where. Benjamin did tell us two heads are better than one though, but it’s unclear if the pic is really related to the day’s filming or not.
  • Steven participated in the Nerdist TV: The Boundary Pushers panel at SDCC along with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green (the showrunners for American Gods). Reportedly, he said that episode 3 of series 4 is insane wish fulfillment for him and Mark and that they lost their minds. (Video of the panel hasn’t surfaced, so I’m considering anything from it unconfirmed until it does.)

Setlock Recap, 7.22.16


My saves got deleted so I had to make Thomas a new flat (and remade him too) and I started doing this which is decorated in a new style that I like to call I-have-no-f-idea-of-what-I’m-doing-someone-please-send-help. Anyways I’m using these apartments by @blackmojitos.

Thanks to all the CC creators <3 @dreamteamsims @mxims @blackmojitos @bellaisadellima @ichosim @slox @sanoysims @aroundthesims @onyxsims @meinkatz @lindseyxsims @mio-sims @homelivingsims @nullspacenancy @chisimi @anbs @msteaqueen @inabadromance @rachelssimstuff @beverlyhillssims.


Cow Hide Rugs Galore

{Click on images to enlarge}

Not long ago I posted some metallic cow hide rugs, and this time I am bringing you more, in all kinds of fun styles. This set is a mix of cow hide rugs, wild game rugs, gypsy rugs, printed and dyed rugs. I just don’t think that you can ever have enough rugs, especially, cow hide ones ;)

This set contains
Cow hide rugs I: 32 swatches.
Cow hide rugs II: 32 swatches.
So you get a total of 64 swatches, which are shown in pictures.

CC used:
Steffor 2016/6 loveseat
Central park loveseat by Liko
City windows by Tingelingelater
Domed wall mirror by Baufive
RSS villagers wall pegboard
Ambientes coffee table by pilar
Crissi pillow 04 by mxims
Steffor mag holder
Ichosims NMS radiator
Steffor feb 2016 tangine
Steffor sims 4 pot
Vitra wooden doolls by Meincatz
MTQ nanu boah plant
Chalet living column cell recolours by coolpanther
Parquet leon floors by mangosims


::: Download :::


OOTD: All Alternative No Care


Suede Vest

Not my best texture but I still think it looks cute ahaha.

  • 15 swatches
  • Some clipping on the back
  • Clips with the leg with some poses
  • All LODs

Download (SimFileShare) Here

If you use please tag me (#simplyking) I would love to see!  ♥

Thank You!  ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ

T.O.U. and CC used below

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