My true feelings about the beach revealed
  • Jess: That's it? That's all of LA?
  • Jimmy: Well...there's these crazy rumors that if you get in your car and actually drive east away from the beach, there's some big city and other stuff...but I don't believe it.
  • Jess: I take it you like the beach.
  • Jimmy: I would marry the beach if man and property were allowed to mate.
  • Jess: Sounds serious.

My name is Alfredo, and I’m an addict. Wow, um, first time I said those words, I was 33 and didn’t think I’d make it to see 34. If you told me then that I’d be getting my five-year chip now, I’d have thought you were high. Honestly. But, here I am. And it’s because of people in this room. You guys gave me my life back’ people like Libby, Tom, Sherlock. You’re the reason I made it five years clean, and the reason that I got my sights set on ten.