Emma: ‘Killian, Come Back To Me!’ (OUAT S3E20 :Kansas)
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Aram and Red (or the only part of S3E20 I care to remember)

This confirms that we need to see much more of Amir… and so much less of nearly everyone else… seriously, much of this was quite sad and not in mourning a lead character’s death kind of way. What a missed opportunity.

All those Agent Keen references when Liz was no longer an agent. Huh? And FBI staff we’ve never seen before were going through the personal affects of a non-agent. Why would they care? If they let Tom walk into a top secret black site what damage is her foot massager going to do? 

Brian Dennehy was fantastic, though the very purposeful daddybait ruined those scenes. And why did Katerina’s father keep talking about losing his daughter as if Red didn’t understand… uh, Red did lose his own family. Like, he gets it, he can sympathize. I actually remember S1 and so do most fans.

James was his typical Emmy worthy self.

The beating up on Red is getting very old. I mean really, really old. 

Kaplan looked awfully guilty during Cooper’s speech at the funeral. 

Hisham had stated Dembe wasn’t at the funeral but I assumed he was back with Red and when he wasn’t, Dembe’s absence at the service was odd and ooc.

Why the heck is Agnes in a hospital? She’s a preemie but not being cared for in that manner. Why was the pediatrician asking about her family history? Infant screenings are standardized unless something harmful is suspected.

After tonight I fear the rest of the season is pretty much in the toilet as the focus on the spin off is only going to increase.

Wish I hadn’t watched live and I’m not wasting any more time commenting on this episode. I’m sure there will be some great Red gifs, and Aram and Red gifs so I look forward to those.

Edit: And what was with the one shot of Red standing at Liz’s grave? Granted we saw his devastation in all of 19 but 2 seconds at her grave was a tremendous disappointment.

S3E20 Initial Reactions

So I’ve already started my second viewing (why do I torment myself so?) and wanted to do a brain dump…otherwise I’d be up all night thinking about it, and then I’d really hate myself. 😂

* Cooper’s eulogy was beautiful, as was Aram’s graveside soliloquy. I did find his reference to Romeo and Juliet intriguing, a la the code to the box in Anslo Garrick and the ferociousness of the passion between the star-crossed lovers. (Or “livers,” if autocorrect has its way.)

* I am even more convinced that Mr. Kaplan was involved in the ruse…I mean, I was pretty well sold two episodes ago, but I think she was there to make sure everything went without a hitch. (As a funeral director I’ve seen my fair share of casket diving and pleas for one last viewing!) Now, she would also be there representing Red, but there is so much more going on IMO.

* Could anyone make out what Tom was saying while he was playing his last respects? This might tie into the previous point…

* Is it just me or did Lizzie’s face look all wonky in the CCTV replay? Almost like they filmed her double for the shots?

* Brian Dennehy was fantastic!!! He and Spader make great sparring partners - I’d love to see them together again. And I loved the breakfast scene when they exchanged the Tabasco for the pepper…it showed just how familiar they are with each other and their habits. (Oh, and hey, TPTB - if you could pair Spader with Anthony Hopkins, I could die a happy woman…just food for thought…)

* But…the implication that they were experiencing a similar type of grief (e.g., the loss of a daughter/granddaughter) drove me batty! TPTB have said a million times that he is NOT the father and yet, here we go (yet) again. (Now, I, admittedly, need to listen to the dialog again with a fresh ear, so perhaps I shouldn’t go off the deep end quite yet.)

* The hand drawn picture of the family damn near broke my heart…that is all Lizzie wanted, and she should have that with Reddington and Agnes.

* There were so many good one liners - like, “never underestimate the power of glitter,” “he’s from Delaware,” and “strap on your bike helmet, we’re going to work!” A nice bit of levity in an otherwise downer of an episode.

* I really wanted to like Panabakar…but her involvement with the new girl on the block AND insistence on luring Red back to the post office makes me uneasier than a fattened pig headed to slaughter on a hot, humid, southern Georgia day.

* Have I mentioned what a rock star Aram is in this episode? Being Liz’s friend (and his respect for her), standing up to Reddington, getting his mojo back hunting down the bad guys! (P.S. The looks exchanged between the rest of the team during this last part were too precious!)

* Red’s little mini speech about moving forward…absolutely loved it! It truly spoke to the depths of his grief. (This is another piece of dialog is like to revisit…)

* Is there anything that man can’t do? First he repaired the music box, now the piano key…hmmmm, I’m beginning to see a trend here…

* Further proof that Spader is THE MASTER? His total 180 at the end of the episode…the return of the suave, sophisticated, sharp Red we’ve all come to know and love.

So there you have it…my brain dump for S3E20. Now I better stop here…I’ve tempted fate long enough, typing this all on my phone… 😆

I’d love to hear your thoughts, critiques, interpretations, etc. 😊