EXCELLENT episode! Kudos to writers Marisa Tam and Brian Studler for giving the audience an episode worthy of S1. I had assumed Daniel Knauff had penned this one as it was as good, if not better, than S3’s Cape May.

Without a doubt, James Spader is the best actor in any television medium, and arguably film as well. It’s too bad the likelihood of him ever receiving an Emmy nomination is close to nil due to the show’s reputation.

I had assumed Dembe was working with Kaplan so the only surprise from the “twist” was the fact that Kate didn’t appear and we still can’t be certain Dembe and Kaplan planned this together. That being said, it would have been nice to have been given some sort of explanation as to why Dembe did what he did because it felt disjointed and untrue to his relationship with Red who spent his last hours attempting to save his brother.

The Red and Liz moments were nice but they only appeared on screen together once (if I remember correctly) … another missed opportunity that could have had a huge emotional payoff. No apologies or explanations or declarations or answers.

Still though, excellent episode despite the couple of missteps. James Spader was front and center and he is The Blacklist.