• Lucius Fox: You miss Oswald, don't you?
  • Ed: Oswald? Pffff, no, what a traitorous friend, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Oswald photos spill out of suit jacket] What a - I don't know where these came from, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] ok, ok, listen Foxy - I hate the guy, he killed Isabella, l-listen [thousands of Oswald photos and Oswald hallucinogenic drugs scatter across the floor] Oh my god, I-I was going to burn these photos, I swear, oK jUsT LIS T E N
That’s Gotta Be Blogs! FTWD Season 3 Finale

I wrote my quick thoughts on  Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Finale. You can check it out at thatsgottabeblogs.weebly.com 

I also did a short Season 3 Episode 14 “El Matadero” blog. Also on my blog site. 

Here is my small preview of my blog post and feel free to read the rest on my blog site. Enjoy!

FTWD: Season 3 Finale Episode 15 “Things Bad Begun” & Episode 16 “Sleigh Ride”

Quick Thoughts

Wow. What a finale. I been a big fan of Fear The Walking Dead since it came out. While others stopped watching I kept on watching it. Well for those that stuck with it just like me, Season 3 was quite a treat and had a very satisfying Season 3 finale.

The Proctors

Grounded and reality based villains had been such a treat throughout all the seasons in Fear The Walking Dead. The Proctors and its leader, Proctor John, are no exception (Read more on thatsgottabeblogs.weebly.com)