so… as established in anna spanakopita’s opening bit, the muppets exist in the bojack horseman universe. a few questions:

  • is there significance to the fact that a human is bringing up the muppets? like, is it a franchise primarily enjoyed by humans, as it is (by obvious necessity) in our world?
  • what the fuck are the muppets like in the bojack horseman world? is kermit still called “kermit the frog” even tho… obviously he’s a frog… would that be like describing diane as “diane the human?”
  • is bringing up the muppets kind of a power move on anna’s part? a way of indicating to bojack that there is a certain, significant difference between humans and non-human people? 
  • if so, is that power systemic/societal? like, are humans responsible for the muppets? do the muppets, in a way, undermine the upward mobility of non-human people in the bojack horseman universe?