Mini Rant - Male Hair CC

I just saw this post on my dash and it really hurt my dang feelings.

I try to stay quiet and not bug anyone and just make do with what we get, cuz any little bit we’re given in the community is a gift not an obligation, but really….

WHERE THE EFF are the Male Hairs? There’s always been a big discrepancy between the female and male CC and CC makers, but lately I’ve been getting particularly frustrated by all the female hair being released and the lack of male ones in kind, like….

Do y’all not SEE this delicious gloriousness?

Where is the inspiration? The motivation? THE LOVE?

And where are the gender converters? There are so many female hairs that just don’t work with Master Controller on male heads. We used to have a bunch of simmers who gender-converted hair, but now there’s like no activity? O_o

I even looked in the TS4 sections to see if there was stuff on that end, but there’s only 1 or 2 simmers more or less consistently even bothering to make hair for guys over there too!?! I literally went through 10 PAGES of hair at TSR and really, there’s 1 or 2 simmers who stand out for male hair, and it’s disturbing.

I’m sorry for stepping on toes, but I’m tired of keeping quiet about this, cuz I really wanna know what’s going on around here. If I see one more female hair on my dashboard I’m gonna flippin scream.

Scroll down my Hair CC Wishes tag if you want to sit in effing AWE of the gloriously majestic masculine keratin miracles we’re being deprived of over here in SimNation.

Cuz WTF.


So… going out on a limb here, since TS3 CC is getting harder and harder to find, but.

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted for Sáile and Cherie, it’s anklets and toe rings. ;___; Preferably as shoes, so that way the foot could be meshed with nails as well.

These are all from SL, by the way.


Rustic sliding barn door (or archway) for interior.  There are a few modern ones out there but they don’t work for me.  Would prefer them to be open, and would prefer it to be large, as seen in these images.  The ones I’ve seen are also kind of dinky.

This is incredibly my Latest —and actually the only one— WIP
I love it, this time it does not have a Fancy name as my friend mspoodle1 likes but w/e. This comes from @iliketodissectsims #S3CCWish and I found it like a month ago —how weird I cannot mention them.

I missed the meshing process and I had fun with it, now I’m going to try serenebluesims Tutorial for see Why it looks weird in the border :]
I’m happy! And more because it has like 500 of Polygon Count 8)


“Built-in” looking bed that is flush against the wall like these.  There is the “Caravan Set” by madaya at TSR, but I’d like something with a bottom on it, and without the shiny texture that hers has.



I have a request and was wondering if anyone was interested.

I Love the Stretch Mark skin by  technicolourclouds  HERE and was wondering if someone could add it to  moonskin93 KEM Female Only Skin Default ( Non-Default version) HERE 

Also For the KEM Skin Baby Version i was wondering if you could change it and add the Fingernails, toenails eyebrows from kurasoberina  Freckled Fruit Redux HERE and change the eyes ( Eyes transition from blue to brown ) to  moonskin93 Brilliant Glamour HERE

The Final request if possible could you add the  Freckles from kurasoberina  Freckled Fruit Redux HERE to  moonskin93 KEM Skin Default ( Non-Default version) HERE.
Please can it be from baby( baby must have the Fingernails, toenails eyebrows and eye change  Brilliant Glamour) to elder please male and female. 

Please & Thank You