s3cc wishes


Hi I have a Big request and was wondering if any creators were interested in doing these. 

I love all the 1950′s / retro hair but there aren’t in natural or curly texture and was wondering if someone could re-textures theses hair for me. any creator can do any texture they thing will look better on the hair. Also you don’t have to do every single one. 

Photo 1 has  Curly Retexture by  Electraheartsims  Get Here 

Photo 2 has  Afro/ Natural Retexture by  Littlecat Get Here

Photo 3 has  Nymphy’s Waves Texture Get Here

Photo 4 has   EA Texture Get Here

EA  Hairs

Labyrinth Twists - Mesh Here
Blossom Twist - Mesh Here
High Ponytail - Mesh Here  
Pin-up Pretty - Mesh Here
The Professional - Mesh Here
Dramatic Ponytail - Mesh Here
Pert Pixie Cut - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
The Sitcom Style - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
Elegance Style - Mesh Here
The Innocent Style - Mesh Here
Roaring Heights Hairs - Mesh Here  (Kids Version of Hair Here)
Floral Updo - Mesh Here
Bouffant Bun - Mesh Here
Roaring Heights’ Wavy Bob V.2 edited by RTS Italy  - Mesh Here
Floral Updo (no flowers) - Mesh Here
Beehive Ponytail - Mesh Here
More Volume Pompadour - Curly Retexture Done Already Here
Sophisticated Updo - Curly Retexture Done Already Here
Betty Bangs (Fast Lane) - Mesh Here
High Pompadour (Showtime) - Mesh Here
Hat Samm (Ambition) - Mesh Here
Master Suite Hairs (Female) - Mesh Here   


Hairstyle #94 - Mesh Here
Hairstyle #83 - Mesh Here  
Hairstyle #82 - Mesh Here  
Hairstyle #64 - Mesh Here


My everyday Pinup Hairstyle with bandana - Mesh Here
My everyday Pinup Hairstyle - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles06 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles05v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles04v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles04 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles03v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles02v2 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles02 - Mesh Here
curbs 50s hairstyles01v2 - Mesh Here


J153 Born To Die - Mesh Here  
J150 Sunset Glow - Mesh Here  
J134  Ultra Lover - Natural Retexture Done Already Here
J122 Hedonism - Mesh Here  
J124 Postcard - Mesh Here    
J100 Thron Bird - Mesh Here  
J094 Miles Away - Mesh Here  
J092 Heroine - Mesh Here  

Other Creators

Cazy Porcelain Heart  - Mesh Here  
Nightcrawler Hair21 (with Flowers)    - Mesh Here   
Nightcrawler Hair 21 Without FlowersCurly Retexture Done Already Here
Nightcrawler Hair13  - Mesh Here  
cloudwalkersims Butterfly Bangs hair  - Mesh Here  
Gwenupdo female  - Mesh Here  
Bunglam female  - Mesh Here  
Nouk “Office Chick” Hair  - Mesh Here  
Bumper bangs & victory roll’d hair  - Mesh Here  
Rose 21  - Mesh Here  
Peggy 902  - Mesh Here
Peggy 857 - Mesh Here
Peggy June 2012 Special Gift - Mesh Here
Elexis Sweetly Broken  - Mesh Here
Hollywood Curls by RTS Italy - Mesh Here
Tankuz Newsea Swan Edited Mesh Here
Modish-Kitten Rosie - Mesh Here

Sims 3 cc Wishes blog

Hi Simblr I was wondering if anyone should be interested in a blog where everyone submit there cc wishes and then creators who want to do them or is interested can take up to 2 cc wish at a time to complete.

As the creators work so hard the people who do the cc wish will give the all the creators on the site with anything they can make e.g. Sims, houses, patterns, clothes etc.


Just a few S3CC wishes I have been mooning over for the past couple of days, wishing that I had them.

Firstly some overhead cabinets that match the Ambitions counter, including shorter cabinets for above the refrigerator. I would use those counters so much more if they had matching cabinets.

A picket fence bed for my little sim girls, so darn cute. I have always liked the idea, I want to get one IRL for my niece.

A farmhouse sink, in any style really. I like those kind, but I also like the long low ones with dish drainers, and the apron front ones as well.

Oh, and the tile walls from Awesims because I used to abuse the hell out of them so much when I played TS2, seriously they’re perfection. So perfect for kitchens.

And last but not least, which there is no picture for because I am lazy, but some counter height Back to Basix windows. They are my favorite, but I am a matchy-match stickler and it bothers me so much to use the country windows from base game because they are just not the same >_>

Oh, and some shutters that fit them would also be so super awesome.

I seriously need to learn how to make CC.


I don’t mesh and am an old dog (not into learning new tricks) so I am wondering if it is possible to make this rider mower for Sims 3? (I included a John Deere for reference)

A decor object would be fine (hopefully one of them there smarter simmers could make poses). I would really love to have this. *looks pleadingly into the camera*


Hey folks. >~> I have a mighty  need for Labyrinth stuff by halloween and I wondered if anybody else has ever tried to do t his for TS3. I know there’s real Jareths and stuff for TS2 but never found one for TS3, so I wonder if anybody knows any meshes or parts and such that look similar to actually any of the above. I’m expecting I’ll be doing some retexturing and such but either way, I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. (crying forever)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that’d be great. Especially poofy sleeved wedding dresses. Thinking I might just retexture a superhero outfit for Jareth, but idk.

obligatory ?