as it stands now, the one closest to figuring out that shiro is a clone is actually lance.

hear me out-

everyone else seems completely oblivious so far. maybe keith is slightly suspicious of the circumstances behind shiro returning –he spends a lot of time trying to reason his way through it– but he doesnt question that this is real shiro. even when shiro uncharacteristically and repeatedly shuts him down, he doesn’t ever stop to consider whether this is actually shiro. (keith thinks shiro’s criticism is his own fault, but that’s another topic entirely.)

lance has noticed something off about him from the beginning, even if he isn’t yet sure what it is.

otherwise, he would have gone to shiro with his insecurities in s3, not keith. keith even asks lance why he decided to go to him, specifically. 

lance says, “well, i mean, you’re the leader now, right?” but idk, that doesnt really sound like an entirely convincing reason to me.

and then in the last episode- lance says they need to get out off of naxzela, but shiro shuts him down and it. pisses. lance. off. shiro dismissing lance puts voltron in danger- it puts the entire team in danger. when they get back in their lions he literally growls. he is that frustrated.


i think that’s the moment when lance realizes that shiro (regardless of whether he’s the real one or not) is not the right leader for voltron. keith would have listened to him. even though we haven’t had much of a chance to see keith really lead voltron, from what we have seen in s3 e5, he is much more responsive to the team’s input than shiro is. and now lance realizes that. now lance knows that shiro isn’t the right leader for the team- at least not right now.

i want him to side with keith. i want lance to start keeping a more critical eye on shiro. and over time, i want him to notice all the little things shiro/kuron does that don’t add up. i really want lance to be the first to figure out. and the way things have gone, i think he’s already starting to piece it together. 

Enneagram Centres

The three centers (gut, heart & head) are sometimes referred to in terms of a dominant emotional response.

ANGER TYPES (Behavioral Domain) – 8, 9, 1

Anger can be thought of as an energy of will that pushes against obstacles.

  • For type 8, this energy arises in service of making things happen in the world.
  • For type 9, this energy arises as resistance when pushed into unwanted activities.
  • For type 1, this energy arises when correcting behavior and actions.

SHAME TYPES (Affective Domain) – 2, 3, 4

Shame can be thought of as a sense of self-deficiency in the eyes of others.

  • For type 2, there can be a feeling of not being lovable unless they are attending to the needs of others.
  • For type 3, there can be a feeling of not being worthwhile unless they are successful in the eyes of others.
  • For type 4, there can be a feeling of not being significant unless they cultivate their own unique qualities.

FEAR TYPES (Cognitive Domain) – 5, 6, 7 

Fear can be thought of as an anticipation of future negative uncertainties.

  • For type 5, negative uncertainties are prepared for by attaining knowledge.
  • For type 6, negative uncertainties are prepared for through doubting and questioning.
  • For type 7, negative uncertainties are prepared for by generating pleasant alternatives.

Since it can sometimes be difficult to see how types 9 and 3 fit their centers, another pair of labels are sometimes used to describe their centers.

  • Types 8, 9, and 1 are sometimes called the self-forgetting types.
    Type 9 is often described as the least self-aware type.
  • Types 2, 3, and 4 are sometimes called the image types.
    Type 3 is often described as the type most aware of image.

Inktober, day 1: Draw your DnD/RPG character

(Half an hour late with an unfinished month-old drawing because I forgot it is October now)
My DnD character Pethany, a goliath druid, quiet nature loving soul, terribly overpowered tank, soccer mom friend in sheep’s clothing. Would probably looove pumpkin spice latte if that even exists in the same realm as her. Literally can’t even (actually can even, and very well at that). How a mountain dwelling goliath tribe came to produce an actual valley girl remains a mystery.

DnD inktober prompt list courtesy of @probablyhybridrpgideas

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what's someone with a 4 + 7 fix like? on paper it sounds weird because one type is comfortable introspecting and the other seems to want distract themselves from their thoughts

being a 7 isn’t about distracting yourself from your thoughts. 7 is a head type, so like all other head types, it has trouble quieting its thoughts. 7s tend to be more drawn to mental stimulation (keeping themselves entertained) than to solitary contemplation, but a 4 fix doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be introspective. 4 is a heart type, not a head type, and it’s possible to have a unique and significant identity without spending a lot of time mentally introspecting, although 4w5 tends to be like that. in general, contemplativeness is actually more of a 5 trait. a 7 with a 5 fix would be impossible for obvious reasons, but 7 does integrate to 5, so a 7 in their most healthy state will naturally be more introspective, losing that fear of their inner selves and beginning to explore their experiences as a means of grounding themselves and achieving insight.

I like the night. It’s more than a period of time; it’s another place. It’s different from where we are during the day…when life is most like a dream.
—  Chiyoh - HANNIBAL Season 3, Episode 5: “Contorno”

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Sword of Dormis

I made a (roughly 6 hour) game of Dungeons and Dragons because I’d rather make my own first time than use someone else’s. However if you would like to use this, then here it is! 

Because it was the first time anyone had played, I started it out like this: Your characters have met each other for the first time and have been asked by the human King Ruggington to fetch back the Sword of Dormis that he claims was stolen by the neighbouring Elvish/human kingdom. He says it’s a matter of life and death and that he’d pay handsomely for its return. You rested and ate at his castle and were lent a boat which you are currently on as you cross the lake, it’s early morning and the sun is just rising. Anyway! First mission is how to get into the castle. You can climb in over the walls (hard) or up the drawbridge (medium) or row over to the beach and walk through the forest (I added a large octopus to explain how fights work)

The x at the entrance shows a wolf who’s under the Magic Jar spell, aka an evil wizard (I called him Frank) controls him. He came to sniff out the newbies and check if they’re there for the trading festival but since they’re level 1 he’s not too interested and I let the party walk by him without trouble. Might also help to show the wolf walk away into the walls which could prompt the team following him and getting to the puzzles. (X shows a young elf (Tegan) who sells healing potions and acts suspicious because she wants to free an orc slave the castle uses to grind flour. The orc can be used under the magic jar spell if she’s freed, but if still in chains/cages or whatever you like, there’s not much point. Tegan knows nothing about the sword but suggests either the armory or the blacksmith.

I drew out all this because I knew I couldn’t just remember it in my head, hopefully it’s helpful. The building to the bottom right is the blacksmith, he can tell the players that touching the blade of Dormis will put any creature to sleep (It’s a Great Sword in terms of damage) but he doesn’t know anything about it being in the kingdom. If the players want to go up into the castle walls, it’s up two spiral staircases. Castle stairs are always fucked so you can’t run on them, do a dexterity check if they want to run on them. 2nd floor is where the humans have made wooden houses to live in, third floor is ‘dangerous’ ‘falling apart’ ‘no one goes up there’ it’s basically where Frank lives, to get through into his rooms requires puzzle solving which I’ll share later.

Top right is the stables and if anyone can talk to beasts, the horses will tell you they hear weird noises behind the wall of where the armory is supposed to be. The actual armory is covered in dust and cobwebs because the kingdom is supposedly peaceful. If you rub away the dust, it magically goes back to being dusty and looks like it’s untouched. There’s a red carpet that leads up to golden armour that looks like it would have been worn by a king. It’s a trap door, but only adding a crown (either from the Elven King Dok or from one of Franks rooms) will open the door to the sword but will lock you in. There’s stairs down to the dungeons where a dragonborn man called Pious is being held captive. (Frank is trying to weaken his mind so he can control him) Only Pious can open the door back into the armory, there’s no other way out. Across from the armory is the kitchen and pantry and next to all that is the main hall where people are having breakfast. You can talk to the elf king or princess (Princess Stream) here. The king knows nothing but the princess suggests going up to the walls where she’s seen suspicious behaviour. The stairs bottom right lead to the elves rooms which they share and sleep together in, and another spiral staircase which takes you to the kings and princesses room which is filled with gold and incense and cushions. The princess has a diary under her pillow which talks about a dragonborn man she met and fell in love with last year at the trading festival who disappeared without saying goodbye to her.

Now, one person suggested that there were too many puzzles/rooms to get through so maybe combine them and have the other rooms in ruin so no one can use them? (Don’t read the sheets too closely because I spelled throne wrong like a fool) 

Puzzle 1: Above the door it reads: Lend Me Your Hands. Two people need to put both their hands into the holes to open the door, but their hands are trapped until the door shuts again/they break free. It would be fun to add in an enemy, maybe the wolf attacks them at this point lol. In this room there’s gold and supplies for spells (feathers and that shit)

Puzzle 2: About the door it reads: Key Word is Monkey. The players have to make the talking key hole say monkey to open the door. Inside the room is a library and the wizards book of spells where you can learn about the spells the wizard knows (Including Magic Jar) 

Puzzle 3: Inside a box by the door there’s a piece of paper. Fold it in the right way and it will read: Top to bottom. Touch the door from top to bottom and it will open. Inside is Frank’s diary which tell of his plans to kill the king and princess using the prisoner that he’s weakening for takeover. With the sword and strong prisoner he’s sure he’ll be unstoppable! 

Puzzle 4: There are two doors, the truthful one says: We can lead to your death or to the room. That one always lies, I always tell the truth. We will only answer one question. The liar says: No, both doors lead to the room. That door always lies, I always tell the truth. We’ll answer any question you like! Players must ask: Which door would the other one say is the right door? The truthful one will answer: They would say to go through my door. The liar will say: They would say to go through their door. The liars door is the safe one. Inside this room are incredibly powerful weapons, from longswords to battle axes etc.

Puzzle 5: You go up to 3 stands and a mirror. In the mirror the stands have 1 gold piece each, in real life there is no gold. Place the gold and then you can walk through the mirror but as you do, the evil version of that character walks out. If you attack evil you then you also take damage, you have to push them back into the mirror. If you take back the coins then you can’t push them back in. In the room is just food lol

Puzzle 6: Above the door reads: Jumping Liquor. The door’s not locked, but the word association means Hop Scotch. They need to hop scotch across the room or they step on a mine and roll for 1d10 damage. At the end of the room it’s like a museum, shows how the elves took over the human castle for themselves and this was a secret organisation to take it back for the humans.

Puzzle 7: Above the door is 3 love hearts. When you walk into the room you set off certain traps that kill you, but you respawn and a love heart goes missing. Counter the traps to get to Frank, who’s actually sitting there and laughing, watching you die lol. If you run out of love hearts and you die, then you die.

That’s the thick of it really, how everything pans out is up to you. Who Frank possesses is up to you or the roll of the dice. I do have the details for these characters but you’ll have to message me if you don’t want to make them up for yourself! Hope you enjoy as my players did :D xx

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What are the types that give the most "dreamy" vibes?

nobody gives me a dreamy vibe honestly. IxFPs tend to seem like they want to be seen as dreamy/different, but that’s not the same thing. Fi-doms and INFJs are usually stereotyped as being dreamy, but to me there’s nothing genuine about Fi “dreaminess,” and inf Se just comes off as awkward. Ti-doms are actually the most genuinely this way, because inf Fe is so often outwardly inexpressive, yet highly observant and discerning of people’s true motives, which tends to create this weird disconnect. this applies to INTPs especially, because they lack Se, but ISTP 5s are also very detached and their inf Fe seems somewhat childlike.

ennea 9s also seem dreamy because they are the void.