CB&Q E5 9914A by Chuck Zeiler
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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad E5 9914A, named Silver Arrow, at Hazeltine, Colorado on June 14, 1949, photographer unknown, print by Tom Klinger, Chuck Zeiler collection. Number 9914A was built in June 1941 ( c/n 1301 ), was sold to the C&S on September 20, 1961, becoming C&S 9955, retired March 15, 1968 and traded to EMD. The training B unit was either 9906B or 9907B, one of the two EA B-units built for the original Denver Zephyr, that Zephyr is seen trailing the power in this photo.

Enneagram Centres

The three centers (gut, heart & head) are sometimes referred to in terms of a dominant emotional response.

ANGER TYPES (Behavioral Domain) – 8, 9, 1

Anger can be thought of as an energy of will that pushes against obstacles.

  • For type 8, this energy arises in service of making things happen in the world.
  • For type 9, this energy arises as resistance when pushed into unwanted activities.
  • For type 1, this energy arises when correcting behavior and actions.

SHAME TYPES (Affective Domain) – 2, 3, 4

Shame can be thought of as a sense of self-deficiency in the eyes of others.

  • For type 2, there can be a feeling of not being lovable unless they are attending to the needs of others.
  • For type 3, there can be a feeling of not being worthwhile unless they are successful in the eyes of others.
  • For type 4, there can be a feeling of not being significant unless they cultivate their own unique qualities.

FEAR TYPES (Cognitive Domain) – 5, 6, 7 

Fear can be thought of as an anticipation of future negative uncertainties.

  • For type 5, negative uncertainties are prepared for by attaining knowledge.
  • For type 6, negative uncertainties are prepared for through doubting and questioning.
  • For type 7, negative uncertainties are prepared for by generating pleasant alternatives.

Since it can sometimes be difficult to see how types 9 and 3 fit their centers, another pair of labels are sometimes used to describe their centers.

  • Types 8, 9, and 1 are sometimes called the self-forgetting types.
    Type 9 is often described as the least self-aware type.
  • Types 2, 3, and 4 are sometimes called the image types.
    Type 3 is often described as the type most aware of image.
I like the night. It’s more than a period of time; it’s another place. It’s different from where we are during the day…when life is most like a dream.
—  Chiyoh - HANNIBAL Season 3, Episode 5: “Contorno”

I DM’ed my second session tonight, and I love the positive comments that I got afterwards on my improvement compared to last time, and that it was clear that I was more comfortable with my home-brew, than I was with the one-shot I ran as a try-out last time.

The RP part of it just comes more natural to me than the combats, but it was nice to be told :)

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At the beginning of S3 E5, it occurred to me how starved Isak was for touch and affection. He was in a very lonely place in his head (struggling with his sexuality and his family) and Even cuddled and kissed him all day and Isak just soaked it all in. From the beginning, Even just intuitively knew what Isak needed. At at the end of E9, Isak had come full circle and returned this gift to Even.

yesss!!! isak was such a touch starved bean and just. even gave him this saturday full of kissing, and cuddling and even just knew what isak needed at that time, to just have this beautiful experience, to realize that it’s good to kiss someone, it’s fun to kiss someone, it’s nice to cuddle, to let yourself enjoy this and isak just fully soaked that all in like you said and then in ep9 he just realized that,,, yes you saved me, i need to save you right back now, i’m going to save you right back now, ‘you made me realize that i am not alone, now it’s time for me to show you that you are not alone either’

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Large D&D sheets I made for my Kids D&D game (playing with my nephew and cousins 9,9,14). I simplified without removing a lot of the core character sheet components. I made everything bigger and easier to read and write in.

These are tester sheets but my brother and I are pretty comfortable with them. We’ll see how it works in action!

I made a Types Of Dice sheet for the kids to lay their dice on and learn what dice is what too! 

[DOWNLOAD HERE2550x3300px (8.5x11 inches) 300ppi Files.

Celebro el rencor, celebro la venganza.
Celebro el perdón, celebro el olvido.
No tengo nada y nada me tiene a mí, ya no.
Sostengo las flores que nunca te di.
Sostengo la última esperanza de arreglar el mundo.
Pero eso no va a pasar.
No hay reconciliación, esa ya no es mi verdad.
No hay dialogo, esa ya no es mi voluntad.
Bombas directo al corazón.
Mierda directo a la razón.
(Ahora entiendo a tus muertos)
Desaparecer tiene un precio.
Y la muerte una razón.

Ya no nos queda tiempo.
Ya no me queda.
Ya no.