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the shit that still doesn’t sit well with me is when allura, hunk, pidge, and keith were all either lowkey or highkey calling lance dumb. and they were satisfied with themselves for it. 

he’s already shown disappointment in himself for not being able to connect with the black lion and has expressed that he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough to be a paladin. so why would they be so quick to make fun of him when he’s feeling vulnerable? yeah, he’s a goofball but that’s only one part of his personality and they shouldn’t treat him like he’s stupid all the time.

he only wanted confirmation from allura that she wasn’t making fun of him. she had said, “i just had to get into a lance-like mindset and stop thinking so much.” a pretty back-handed compliment in contrast to all the praise she was getting for connecting with blue. 

lance immediately got defensive (”are you calling me dumb?”), which is a completely reasonable reaction because it was kind of rude of her. she did say he was a natural, but the rest of the team jumped right on that dumb comment and kept going, and allura did nothing to stop them. 

then keith said he was glad they were all making fun of lance… it didn’t really seem like friendly teasing to me. it was mean of them to do that after lance has proven himself to be just as smart (albeit in different ways) as the rest of them.


“… just the way the cast performs it — it’s one thing to have seen that giant metal suit and hear that there is a version of Barry inside of it. It’s quite another thing when you actually come face-to-face with what’s inside… seeing the scar and the milky white eye, but also seeing the person that you love be so twisted. Barry Allen, who probably has the gentlest soul of all of the characters in the Arrowverse, to just see how far he could fall, he’s both terrifying, but it’s also heartbreaking.” — Andrew Kreisberg

I felt very lucky to sing it, and I think it did a lot of the work for me, in a way. It did feel special to shoot. No one had heard the song yet, no one had heard me sing it… Candice had never even heard it [and] she was in tears after the proposal in the rehearsal. It got a round of applause from the crew, which doesn’t happen. It was a special episode for everybody.
—  Grant Gustin on Runnin’ Home to You
Supergirl Casts Odette Annable as 'Worldkiller' Reign in Season 3!

As first teased in last week’s Supergirl finale, legendary DC baddie Reign is taking National City — and, if all goes well, the world — by storm in Season 3. And this just in: She’ll look very familiar!

Odette Annable will play the CW drama’s new Big Bad, TVLine has learned, though we hear Supergirl‘s version of Reign — one of several “Worldkillers” in the DC universe — will differ visually from the one you might already know from the comics (pictured above).

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in a statement. “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

This casting marks a reunion of sorts for Annable and Berlanti; she recurred role on ABC’s Berlanti-produced Brothers & Sisters from 2010 to 2011. Annable is also known for her work on House, The Astronaut Wives Club and Banshee.

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Amazon AWS S3 is what’s causing internet issues and outages today

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. The internet on the East Coast is unbearable right now, and you can blame Amazon. On Thursday afternoon, you probably noticed images and video were slow to load on some popular websites. The culprit is AWS S3, or Amazon Web Services, a massive cloud storage service run by the online retail giant, which became unreachable sometime early Tuesday afternoon.

East Coast internet outage: Why is the internet down? What’s causing internet issues today?

The internet isn’t technically down, but Amazon S3 services are down in the Northeast region of the U.S. — which is affected any website or company that use it to host files.

What is AWS S3?

AWS S3 hosts images, pictures and videos for other companies and websites (the S3 stands for simple storage service). So when it has issues, it means that you may still be able to visit websites, but any large files they use that are hosted by AWS won’t show appear or may look broken. According to the Independent, some of the websites affected by Tuesday’s issues include Imgur, Medium and SoundCloud.

How do Amazon Web Services work?

AWS charges users for the service of storing their data. So other sites use it to host their files, including images, videos and audio, and then link out to them. That way, the smaller websites can rely on AWS to host larger files.

Is there an AWS status page I can check?

Yes — Amazon has a status page that users can check for news about outages. But Amazon is notoriously bad about reporting its own issues, and, on Tuesday afternoon, the AWS status page indicated that most service was operating normally and featured a small alert at the top warning users of “Increased Error Rates.” The note also said “We’re continuing to work to remediate the availability issues for Amazon S3 in US-EAST-1.”

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That’s a moment that Barry then has to own up to the reality of, which is, he does love Iris more than anything, but he did propose because he wanted to save her life and change the future. Initially, he denies that to himself and everyone around him. But Wally calling him out on that, it ticks him off and he pushes Wally away a little bit for sure. But I think he knows that it’s true and that he did have a motive that pushed him to propose that wasn’t necessarily just from the heart — it was out of fear.
—  Grant Gustin

Young Justice is going to be at SDCC this year!

From the official blurb:

10:00–11:00 a.m. Young Justice Q&A — Young Justice is back! Do not miss the show’s triumphant return to Comic-Con as series producers Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti and key members of the creative team, including art director Phil Bourassa, will be on hand to answer your burning questions about the first two seasons of this beloved fan-favorite series and, if you’re lucky, you might learn a thing or two about the highly anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders. Room 6BCF