Today my boyfriend is flying here to see me for my birthday, his flight arrives in an hour but I’m silly and have gotten all pretty and stuff for him extra early. I shall be picking him up from the station and then we are going on a cute lunch date because he owes me Grill’d. Going to buy a terrarium for my room here at the village and some new converse, as my late birthday presents. 

For anyone who's interested I started a personal blog a few months ago

Documenting my move to the big smoke from a country town.
There are lots of stupid faces and tales of my awful roommate.
so yeah give it a look or something if you want to and stuff.


so my notorious ‘loud sexing while I’m in the room next to her’ roommate, is currently getting all dolled up. I’m not sure if its because she going out or getting her sexy time partner around. Either way I know that tonight I wont be getting any sleep and shall be even more scarred for life….

It makes me so terribly uncomfortable that she keeps doing it.

How does one tell there roommate that you can hear them having sex and have been hearing them every time for the past week?

Once again my cosmology class has me overly excited, today the lecture explained to us the concepts surround dark matter and energy. Which were so incredibly interesting, we have a test next week on everything we have learnt so far which honestly isn’t really that much. But I’m not complaining, considering the test is 30% of my overall mark we are honestly getting off easy. Most of the marks go towards comprehension of the topics as they are a bit full on for some to understand in the short amount of time we have.

I’m not really worried about it, because physics is something that just kind of clicks in my head and because everything has been so interesting so far I'v had no trouble studying.

So I have started doing blogilates once a day, and just I can’t even begin to believe how unfit I'v gotten since I quit training early last year. More then a little disappointed in myself. But any who at least I’m trying to get a little more active now, even if it is only doing 10 minutes of blogilates and dancing to kpop infront of my laptop each day haha……


Karajaynetoday, if your out there and I know you are…
Look, I did a thing! Is it appropriate for wedding times?
Fancy ass hair with my pretty dress that I had purchase to wear to a wedding. Didn’t take me very long, but I choose not to curl my hair or anything, it would look even better if I could be bothered to. Also the fringe area is quite problematic, but blehhhhh.
Who cares.

Inspired by this video (x)


So this is what I look like, not use to seeing more then my top half I know. But i was thinking maybe every now and then I might just post some of the stupid outfits that i wear. You know just for fun and stuff. I don't know.
Just yeah 

Shall be picking Oppa up from the station in a couple of hours, he is visiting for the weekend which is great because I have pretty much been on the verge of a breakdown for the last week. 


Might have done my laundry for the first time in two weeks, everything is so soft and fluffy. Though I did have to sell my soul to some guy to get access to the laundry room, due to my room key still not working but oh well at least i smell nice now.

Have I ever mentioned how expensive laundry here at the village is?
Well its ridiculously expensive, the washing machine cost $4 and it only fits a small armful of clothes. The dryer on the other hand costs $3 dollars and fits like FOUR LOADS of clothes from the washing machine. Which to me seems damn ridiculous. 


My boyfriend and mother had been conspiring against me for my birthday, for both of them who are over 7 hours away you wouldn’t think that means much. But my boyfriend had of donuts delivered to me via our friend Sheep, and my mother sent me a sneaky package. Containing this A4 representation of what my birthday had of been like if i was at home, many useful things for my room and the greatest mug known to man. Its my kitten Matthias on a god damn cup. TOP THAT JIMMY!


Long time no see guys, exam revision has just started and I'v been trying to study hard. Trying being the key word.Today I finished a 28 page chemistry exam, sticky noted and whole bunch of stuff and wrote up some revision cards. As a reward for actually doing work, I'v decided to watch a couple episode of Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou. Hopefully I wont be sucked into the black hole that is an anime marathon. 

Good luck to everyone else out there who have up coming exams!