Skins Photo Challenge

Day 02 - Favorite Characters in Generation 1 (Chris and Sid)

  • I don’t know why but I coudn’t chose just one. I love Chris because he’s the perfect kind of boy. Who loves you, protect you and take care of you. He’s funny, cute, hot and he have nothing. That’s why u would like to share with him. He’ll like that. I really don’t know why he dies, I just can’t accept that. And I really loved him with Jal, sounds okay. And was okay. She was pregnant, and they were one of the best couples. But, as you know, nothing it’s forever.
  • Sid. I really like the way that he loves Cassie. He didn’t knew that, but he does. Simple as that. And when he found out, he didn’t had her. But i think, Tomy and Michelle already knew that and tried to alert him. But he did'nt saw. And on Skins Pure, Cassie is'nt with him. I really want to know where is he, if he stills love her and stuff…
Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Twenty One

Funniest thing you’ve done?

I’ve been playing this game for about one year now, altogether pretty much every second day at least half an hour. And you seriously expect me to remember the funniest thing I did? Okay, let me tell you about that one time I collected all Stones of Barenziah. I almost went insane, cackling manically while trying to pile up fire wood so that I could Whirlwind Sprint into the back-door of the Thalmor Embassy and failing times and times again until I realized that you could just take your horse and run up the walls.

Or that one time when I was completely lost trying to find the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Why? Because I never take roads, but always run and jump up mountains so that in case of enemy encounter, I can attack from above. So I was standing there on the cliff, wondering where the fuck that goddamn Shrine was, when I noticed that I was standing right on top of it.

Or that one time a dragon snuck up on me, suddenly attacked me from behind and freaked me out completely.

Or how I always went to High Hrothgar and kept beating up the Greybeards when I wanted to level my Two-Handed or One-Handed skills.

Oh and I fondly remember the day when I was chased by a Slaughterfish, so I ran out of the water only to almost bump into Onmund who was dashing along the waterside like crazy, shooting lightning bolts into the water and screaming “Why won’t you die?!” and “This is the part where you fall down and bleed to death!”

And so on and so forth.

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Twenty

What do you hate most about Skyrim?

Its unfulfilled potential. It is so close to being perfect that the tiny little things that you CAN’T do stick out all the more. 

There are so many things you can do in Skyrim, but ultimately, it always boils down to getting money. 

I always feel like the final step is missing. I can go on quests to get loot, I can sell loot to get money, I can go on quests to get money, but in the end I can do nothing with all that money. I want to spend my money on NPCs, help them with it or build stuff. Not just one house, something bigger! I would like to interact with people more, I want NPCs to react friendly or hostile towards my character depending on what clothes I’m wearing. I don’t want to be able to run through cities in my Dark Brotherhood gear and everyone acting like it’s okay!

I know it’s a stupid thing to ask cuz that’d be more like Sims, but… most of these things were possible in Fallout, so I don’t get why I cannot have them in Skyrim. 

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Twenty Four

Stormcloak Rebel, Imperial Legionnaire or neither?

If I had to chose, definitely Imperials. 

The Stormcloaks are nothing but a bunch of misguided, uneducated hotheads and Ulfric is an egoistic opportunist who would risk countless lives just so that he can be High King and get his revenge. The Imperials may not be perfect and their methods are questionable as well, but at least siding with them will ensure Skyrim not falling into the hands of the Thalmor completely.

In the end, this is a civil war, Nord fighting against Nord. I would really wish there could be a peaceful solution that goes beyond the temporary ceasefire which you can negotiate in Season Unending.

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Nineteen

Mods or no mods?

No mods. 

I bet there are some really cool ones out there, but my game is spazzy enough as it is and I don’t feel the need for them. Also it seems to me that 70% of mods are just really horrible beautification kits that make your character’s skin look smoother, their hair longer, the environment sparklier and your female character’s and NPC’s clothes skimpier. Thanks but no thanks, if I wanted any of that I’d play a Japanese rpg.

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Seventeen

Horder or no?

Guilty of hording like an idiot.

I have at least one set of every armor and weapons, just in case, I have ingredients and basic materials ad nauseam, and around 500 pieces of every gem there is. And still I’m pretty close to reaching 1.000.000 gold.

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Eight

Favourite Companion(s)?


My baby… He doesn’t get in the way, his magic is pretty badass, he’s a huge kawaii and because of a bug he won’t shut up about Saarthal, which makes him sort of unique and dear to me. Unfortunately, he is one of the followers who can just die like that. So if he by chance happens to come into my firing line… he’s usually dead on the spot :C

Imagine, I love this follower so much and I’m so afraid of something bad happening to him that I left him at the College and replaced him with goddamn Serana…!! But behold, along came Hearthfire, and I found out that I could make him my Steward. Of course I immediately picked him up and made him Lakeview Manor’s administrator, and now he’s part of my family and I can pay him a visit whenever I come home! <3

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Five

Favourite Faction?

My problem with every faction is that I have this irrational hatred for most game NPCs, and even though I liked the Thieves Guild’s main quest line, characters like Brynjolf are exactly the type of guy that drive me up the wall. That combined with the fact that I like shooting NPCs without getting caught makes the Thieves Guild ultimately uninteresting for me.

The College of Winterhold is full of incompetent nutjobs (except for Onmund and Enthir) and the Companions are exactly the bunch of bruisers I don’t know how to deal with.

Which leaves the Dark Brotherhood.

Since I quite enjoyed their quest line and liked most of the NPCs there, I think I can safely say that this gang of little rascals is my faovurite one. (btw another part of TES background information I’m absolutely obsessed with is finding out all about how exactly the Black Hand works and how it came into being and how exactly the Shadowscales tie into all this and sdjkhaksd)

Skyrim 30 Days Challenge - Day Four

Favourite Quest Mission? 

No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.

Not only is it the only occasion (!) in the whole game that anybody asks your character about their background, it also fits very well with my main character’s story, since he was held captive in a mine for years as well. It was interesting to sort of re-live that very crucial point of his life as a quest.