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AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer 1: I loved all the character development for Lance last season. It was so gratifying to see somebody who had—not that he’d been 100% comic relief before, that’s the beauty of the show, nobody is that—but Lance definitely has, sort of, a lightheartedness about him.

Jeremy: Oh, that’s my favorite part of playing him!

Lauren: It’s all Jeremy’s fault, because he’s good at it. So if you’re mad that Lance is funny, just all hate mail goes to this guy [gestures to Jeremy]. …

Interviewer 2: It’s always nice when you get to see the different sides of all these different characters.

Joaquim: But it is tough, with so many characters. You know, everybody will have their time in the spotlight.

Jeremy: Yea, I love this whole [season], this whole season is great. But yea, they started comments like, “Oh Lance deserves better, where was he at this whole season?” I was like, he had had lots of stuff last season, he has a buttload of stuff coming up, we’re chill.

Joaquim: And he’s razzle dazzling people!

Jeremy: Yea, razzle dazzle! What are you talking about.

Lauren: For the war effort, of course.

Jeremy, Joaquim, and Lauren talk about Lance in current and future seasons