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I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing i like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.

fan-season three

So now that season two is out there, I’d like to write down my thoughts, and also explain what I plan to explore in my attempt at season three from a fan’s perspective/my shipping preferences. 

Overall, I liked season 2. I thought there was too much Keith (who, while a great character, overshadowed everyone else with some pretty unfair screentime, especially in regards to Hunk and Lance) and not enough of the great relationships from season 1 (like Klance, Shallura, Pidge & Shiro, etc.) were properly continued throughout the season. But I liked the plot, worldbuilding, alien worlds, and that mock-snow fight they had, and the MALL EPISODE, and the ending of the season (surprisingly). 

So, here’s what I hope to talk about in my fan-season three/mash of predictions/headcanons, etc:

  • Lance. He was severely sidelined, I felt, in season two, so in my fan-season three I’ll be touching a lot on his insecurities and his relationships within the Paladin team, with Keith as well (since I do ship it and wanted more of it). Character arc.
  • Hunk. Because he got such a great arc in s1, the main thing that bothered me in season two was not seeing him progress further, and that 99% of his scenes were about food. He is an engineer, and brilliant, and kind of goofy, and more than a foodie/chef!! More terrible puns, please. and more of him and Shay, him and Lance’s friendship, and him and Pidge. Maybe some scenes with him and Allura too.
  • Allura. Kicked ass in the finale, but I really wanted to see a greater character arc this season, and with I’m planning in my fan season―which includes her becoming the pilot of the Black Lion―I really do hope to achieve it. Screentime she deserves, tbh. Expanding on her possible powers similar to Haggar’s as well.
  • Klance as a mutually beneficial relationship w/ less bickering and more support.
  • Pidge’s family. Expect angst and a reunion. For something that was so important in season, I’m surprised it wasn’t talked about more in season two.
  • Keith’s family and his mother. Headcanons galore.
  • Shiro is not dead. I will explain all, but that’s all I’m saying for now.
  • Shallura. Holy shit, where do I begin? There was so much potential―namely Allura sacrificing herself for Shiro―that was never really touched upon, however I did love their brief argument in 2x03 and hope to expand on those themes. 
  • Haggar. I was already interested in her, but now with the changing political culture following Zarkon’s fall and knowing that she is actually Altean that interest has increased 10-fold. Backstory and continuing arc, I’m pumped.
  • Keith and Allura will remain completely platonic. Fight me.
  • Prince Lotor. New villain with a boatload of new possibilities. Can’t wait to turn the tide.
  • And much, much more hopefully
Literally how I feel about the Voltron Fandom

Honestly, I understand how everyone’s upset about a few things from Voltron Season 2, but y'all need to chill.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you! I was just wondering where you watch Skam? because it looks really good but I can't find it anywhere online with English subtitles

Hello, you’re never bothering me! They’re all on google drive with subtitles - season 1, season 2 and season 3. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to chat to me if you watch it!