Sasha Stueck

that’s right! She is my 600 followers gift! I was supposed to release some other gifts but they’ve had a lot of issues so far. So stay tuned for those haha.

Anyyywayyyyss. You can use her how you like, whether you want to use her as a base or just throw her in your game and have fun with her. If you want to tag me I’d love to see it but it’s not necessary.


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ok so we know that this season is supposed to be really dark, and although i’m not the biggest fan of all the lion switching going on, i do realize it offers, well, a lot of opportunities for angst.

think about it. three of the lions now have ‘back up’ pilots. so if shiro comes back (which he will) we will suddenly have a spare pilot.

AKA this season is the perfect time to remove/kill/have one of the others taken captive, and the candidate could be lance, keith, allura, or still be shiro. becoming a paladin also means that allura isn’t probably (or at least solely) responsible for worm hole jumps anymore, likely allowing coran to do the same.

so yeah, this season is going to destroy us.


Skam appreciation week - Day en - Favorite season

Season 3 - One random gif of every Episode

“I was fake before. I mean… I… I was only lying at home watching Narcos or gaming or stuff. And I’m over that. Now I want my life to be real. Even if that means it will be absolutely awful at times, it’s still way better than to be fake and boring for everything. It’s a little bit cliché but you never know who will die tomorrow. And… Whether you believe in Allah, or Jesus or… The theory of evolution, or… Parallel universes. There’s only one thing we all now for certain. That life is now.”