Hugs All Around for Oncers (Spoilers for S2E10)

*hugs* *hugs* *hugs*

We can be passionate about our shows and characters, we can invest our time loving them and feeling for them and cheering for them, but in the end we’re exploring a made-up world full of stories that we love.

People can agree to disagree, and I saw both sides in tonight’s episode. I am an Evil Regal and a SWEN/SwanQueen ‘shipper and I loved those moments that we saw in this episode, but I can see why the Charmings think Regina “killed” Archie. I understand the Emma/Regina fight over angry. Did I agree with those story plots? No, I strongly disagree and my friend and I watched in disbelief during some scenes, but I can see their POV too (doesn’t mean I have to like it). 

I love this show and shake my head at some of the perplexing moments of this season, along with the contradictory storylines and continuity errors (the list is long). We are all fans and we shouldn’t be angry at one another and personally attacking for having differing opinions. Lots of love to me fellow fans. :) *giant Oncer hugs*