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10 favourite MakoHaru scenes and why? (If you've already answered pls link me!! I love ur blog by the way 💖💖)

You really like asking the tough questions, don’t you, Anon? ^^ I haven’t answered this before, so I’ll do it now. Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

Of course, I love every MakoHaru scene; each moment is special in its own way, but since you asked for 10, I’ll try to narrow it down. As of this post, I have not seen Starting Days, therefore I’ll only include scenes from the two anime seasons (which also means no moments from the drama CDs, mook, etc. otherwise I’d never be able to decide which ones are my favourite.) Also, they are not in a specific order, I just numbered them because that way it’s easier to keep track of both for you and for me.

1. Welcome home/I’m home - Airport scene (S2xE13)

This scene. THIS SCENE. This scene is everything. I wish I could include every single shot of this scene, but then this post would be even longer than it already is, so I’ll recap it: 

After not having seen Makoto since their fight, Haru is surprised that when he gets off the plane, Makoto is standing there, waiting for him. Still, he is so afraid that what he said to Makoto during their fight was enough to lose Makoto forever. He is at loss for words, not knowing what he should say or where he should begin, because the last thing he wants is to lose Makoto. But then, he hears Makoto calling his name, and when he looks up, he is met with Makoto’s smile and the words “Welcome home”. Instantly you can see the relief of his face, and he shyly averts his eyes with a small blush on his cheek before turning back and saying “I’m home”.

Do I really need to explain why this is one of my favourite, if not my favourite scene? After waiting for two weeks in angst and uncertainty, this is the scene that showed me that everything was alright, that one simple fight can’t destroy years upon years of trust, of friendship, of love. 

No matter what happens, at the end of the day they’ll always return to each other because they’re each other’s home.

2. It’s meaningless without you - (S1xE06)

For a lot of people, this was the moment they started to ship MakoHaru, and for me, it confirmed what I felt just minutes before this. Makoto spoke these words after almost being taken by what he fears the most and you can feel the raw emotion  and the deep meaning. Perhaps I’m reading into this too much, but Makoto didn’t mean that just swimming is meaningless without Haru. Yes, it was said in that context, but by the overal atmosphere and Haru’s reaction, you can tell that it’s meant in every sense of the phrase. If Haru isn’t there, everything is just meaningless.

To this day, these are the most romantic words I’ve ever heard anyone say. (Who knows what would’ve happened if Nagisa and Rei hadn’t interrupted?)

3. I appreciate you being here for me. - Hotel room scene (S1xE011)

Haru is someone who acts on his emotions and feelings rather than his common sense. Despite this, he has a hard time actually vocalising these emotions and feelings. He knows that some things have to be said, that he can’t leave everything just open for interpretation, and this was the moment he chose to let Makoto know how much he actually cares. You can tell that it took him a lot of time to actually muster up the guts to speak these words, which make them all the more meaningful. To me, this is Haru’s response to what Makoto said in episode 6. “I appreciate you being here for me. Thanks.” is Haru’s way of thanking Makoto for everything he has done for him so far. He realises that without Makoto, he would’ve never been able to get this far. He still struggles with words, and you can tell by the blush on his face when he said this and the fact that he fled from the room. As he sung in their duet, “My base, your pace”: “And I’m always clumsy when responding to the kindness at my side”

This was Haru’s first step in the direction of properly conveying his feelings to Makoto, and it is definitely one of the most important MakoHaru scenes, in my opinion.

4. The fight (S2xE11)

This is a scene that broke a lot of hearts in 2014, including mine, but looking back on ES, this is not the most painful MakoHaru scene, in my opinion. The more often I saw this scene, the more important I thought this scene was. 

After months of bottling everything up, it finally exploded, just like the fireworks. Yes, it hurts. The misunderstanding, the yelling, the words that were spoken, the fact that for the first time Makoto let go of Haru’s wrist, the look on Haru’s face when Makoto tells him that he’s going to Tokyo, the way Haru runs away, all of it hurts. But this was a crucial thing in their relationship. After almost two decades of friendship, there bound to be at least one fight. And it was because of this fight that they really looked at themselves and when they made up, it allowed them to grow even closer than before. This scene showed that their relationship is strong enough to overcome anything.

5. The talk (S2xE13)

After their fight, Makoto was ready to just pretend nothing happened, but Haru wouldn’t allow that. He knows that the things he said to Makoto really hurt him, and he feels guilty for saying words like that with the intention of hurting the one he loves most. Therefore, it wouldn’t feel right until he properly apologised for what he said, even though it takes him a lot of effort. Makoto looks surprised at Haru’s words, and he knows how much he means them, and instantly forgives him. Of course, he would never be able to stay mad at Haru for a long time, and he apologises in return. The conversation they have after this is really important as well, and everything about it is just beautiful: the dreamy look on Makoto’s face while he tells Haru about his plans, the way Haru looks at Makoto and recalls things from before, the soft way Haru tells him that he can do it, everything is just beautiful. And all of that makes it one of my favourite scenes.

6. It made me just as happy (S1xE09)

Out of all the scenes, this one is probably the least “MakoHaru” one, but I still feel like it’s such an important scene, since despite being hurt by Rin over and over again, Haru realises that swimming the relay with his friends can still making him happy. That even with all Rin’s drama in season 1, he can still enjoy swimming with Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei. And the way he admits this to Makoto, for me, it really showed that even with all the hurt he’s feeling because of Rin, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about anyone else anymore, that he can still be happy with Makoto and enjoy being with him. That not everything revolves around the conflict between Haru and Rin. And I think that it really meant a lot to Makoto to hear Haru say these words.

I think that this is a very important scene, not just for MakoHaru, but for the entire season.

7. The sparklers (S1xE10)

Someone once made a post about this, and I completely agree with it. This scene is very symbolic. 

After his fight with Rin, the light in Haru’s eyes went out, and with just the right words, Makoto ignites the light again. He puts the light back into Haru’s eyes, and this scene is symbolic for that.

Next to that I think it’s a very cute moment, which is why it’s one of my favourites.

8. Here, Haru-chan! - The dolphin scene (S2xE06)

The first time I saw this scene, I legitimately cried. From when he was a child, Makoto always put Haruka before himself and was ready to sacrafice anything if it meant for Haru’s happiness. Because if Haru’s happy, he’s happy. And that is a very mature way of thinking for a little boy. This scene really shows how much Makoto cares about Haru and how selfless he’s been all his life. I also really love the fact that this is a memory Haru really treasured. Now there’s been a lot of discussion whether or not the dolphin in Haru’s bathtub is the same dolphin as this one, and I don’t know either, but regardless of that fact, this still is a memory that Haru keeps dear and remembers. And that makes this scene even more precious than it already was.

9. The almost-CPR scene (S1xE06)

This was the scene that first got me interested in MakoHaru, so I simply couldn’t not include it (I made a post that elaborates on this more, here.) This scene has so much emotion, with Haru panicking and not knowing what to do and he is so afraid that he’s going to lose Makoto. Even without the CPR, I think this is a really important and beautiful scene, since we see how much Haru actually cares.

10. Good morning, Haru-chan/Drop the -chan

Not so much this specific scene as this whole habit of Makoto getting Haru from the bathtub. These scenes show their history, how far they go back. This action of Makoto pulling Haru from the bathtub shows how much trust, comfort, and familiarity their relationship has. Especially considering that Makoto never knows when Haru is and isn’t wearing his swimsuit. That shows how comfortable they are around each other, how natural it is for them to be together. And I’m very pleased to see that this habit of theirs doesn’t die out, even in Tokyo.

That was it. I’m sorry for the long post. These were the first moments that came to me when I thought about this, so naturally I consider them my favourites. I’m sorry if I missed a great scene or if your favourite scene isn’t included. Thank you for asking! ^^