Rounds Flashpoint S2x3: Clean Hands
  • Ed Lane: Wordy, you still need medical assistance.
  • Kevin Wordsworth: I'm fine; we need to get Sam.
  • Ed Lane: I hear you, I hear you, but with the rounds you took, you're not running after anything.
  • Kevin Wordsworth: I'm not sitting this one out.
  • Ed Lane: So I'm gonna put you on protection. We can't move that prisoner until we've neutralized the shooter and secured the area. We need you, Wordy, we just need you where we can use you.
Prank Donna 2 Flashpoint S2x3: Clean Hands
  • Mike Scarlatti: [Discussing pranks to do to Donna] Guys after the escort today we take all the Kevlar out of her vest, we fill it with cream cheese, then we do the obstacle course. First time she falls flat on her face,
  • [smacks hands together]
  • Mike Scarlatti: instant hilarity.
  • Ed Lane: You know what you're a genius.
  • [Spike laughs]
  • Ed Lane: Alright Wordy you get a camera for that.
  • [Wordy seems un-amused]
  • Ed Lane: What are you Mr. Mature all of a sudden, who's the guy that put the pepper spray in Spike's gear his first day?
  • Mike Scarlatti: [Spike and Ed point] Wordy!