me: i dont like seafood

le Delusion of eight years : do not eat fish… do not eat fish or anything that lives underwater its bad. if someone eats fish they are dirty and need to wash their hands and brush their teeth before they come near me. fish cannot be brought into the house or the house will be dirty. do not touch fish dont eat fish dont eat anything with fish oil or fish gelatin or shrimp or oysetrs it is dirty and disgusting and impure

me: ahahag yeah i just dont like seafood :-)

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It sucks that all the requests you were working on might be gone, I always use Google Docs and Google Drive for writing now because it automatically saves and you can access it from anywhere including your phone. Idk how many papers for school I've written like 10 minutes before the due date on my phone.


I had heard about Google Docs and Google Drive being reliable, but after what happened with MS Word I was a bit unsure ;u; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REASSURING ME!!!!!

i will marry every person who includes the word count with their fics

Whenever we have AEF (Air Expeditionary Force) days a lot of us get assigned to different teams (engineering, force support, medical, etc) for different simulations, and one time I was put in charge of medical and normally we need our hands free to administer first aid, so we aren’t given weapons, but for some unfathomable reason the flight deputy came up to me and was like “give everyone a paintball marker or an M4, drop your med bag, and come with us; we’re all leaving the base.”

I look at him like he’s nuts and say, “…because….?”

“Just do it.”

Okay. Fine. Leave the base totally unmanned, send everyone into hostile enemy territory without any medical supplies, and don’t tell your team what the objective is. Great. Wonderful plan.

And that’s how my entire class walked straight into an ambush and I got shot in the fucking head.

There's this Thing that y'all don't seem to get.

Gryffindors don’t give a shit about rules. The most hardline of them don’t even care about people. They care about justice. Right or wrong, black or white, there are no shades of grey. If it’s just, it’s always just; if it’s unjust, it’s always wrong. Hermione’s ruthlessness makes her a Gryffindor. She is absolutely sure that she is on the side of justice in everything that she does, and it’s such a Gryffindor trait.

Because Slytherins are ruthless, but they care about rules. Their own rules, usually, but rules nonetheless. They will impose parameters and limitations on themselves just so they have a framework to operate within. If doing something means violating their own internal code, then they’re not gonna do it. Even fucking Voldemort is like that. He broke every single fucking rule the Wizarding World ever put in place, but damn if he’d break his own.

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