Hacker is planning to abolish the Department of Education
Jim Hacker: I wonder what Humphrey will say.
Dorothy Wainwright: Whatever he says, I want to be there when you tell him.
Jim Hacker : To witness the clash between the political will and the administrative will?
Dorothy Wainwright: I think it’ll be a clash between the political will and the administrative won’t.


Sir Desmond: They’ve broken the rules.
Sir Humphrey: What, you mean the insider trading regulations?
Sir Desmond: No. 
Sir Humphrey: Oh. Well, that’s one relief.
Sir Desmond: I mean of course they’ve broken those, but they’ve broken the basic, the basic rule of the City. 
Sir Humphrey: I didn’t know there were any.
Sir Desmond: Just the one. If you’re incompetent you have to be honest, and if you’re crooked you have to be clever. See, if you’re honest, then when you make a pig’s breakfast of things the chaps rally round and help you out.
Sir Humphrey: If you’re crooked?
Sir Desmond: Well, if you’re making good profits for them, chaps don’t start asking questions; they’re not stupid. Well, not that stupid.
Sir Humphrey: So the ideal is a firm which is honest and clever.
Sir Desmond: Yes. Let me know if you ever come across one, won’t you.