SDCC 2017 Voltron Showrunners

Things we learned from this video

  • Both Lauren and Joaquim drove to the con
  • Both had pretty good drives free from most traffic
  • Lotor is not just a “liar”; there is genuine element of honesty to him
  • Zarkon is very much about Galra bloodlines
  • Lotor is much more about who is best for the job even if that means they’re not “brute strength”
  • Lotor’s generals are referred to as half breeds
  • Female (full!) Galra do exist and are generals! They just! Never showed them! (Arrrggh whyy)
  • A, imo, leading question by the interviewer that Keith’s emotionality over losing Shiro could be “his galra side” coming out which they do partially concede to (IMO it doesn’t sit well with me to link very understandable human emotions such as anger as being because he’s galra, and that the galra are just this blood thirsty inherently violent race)(I can understand his emotionality triggering galra abilities though)
  • Keith & Lance have a “natural arc” of coming to “kind of respect each other”
  • Joaquim reiterates that all ships are valid
  • but they make everything before fandom and apart from fandom
  • “Even if….we couldn’t go back to change the story and be like ‘and now they’re in love!’““We arent trying to cater or bait anyone””We’re just trying to do what’s right for the story”)
  • They don’t know how spaced out future releases of episodes will be
  • Are mum on whether or not Shiro will be seen
  • The seven episodes were not a “planned” season but a place in the story with a natural cut; this season won’t end with the same kind of finale we saw in S1 and S2
  • EDIT: How could I forget the brown lion? Yes, its a poop joke.