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Rhaena Branfield’s body was never found because she escaped the Sack of Kinshall with the aid of Grennan Gaunt. The man got her to a ship bound for Essos, and the girl grew up in a harsh environment, eventually becoming a sellsword, but scarred herself to remind her of her beginnings.

When she hears Malcolm is in service to Daenerys, she finds him in a tavern and beats him in a fight, holding him at spear point and only revealing her identity once she has him defenceless. She believes he abandoned her and didn’t even bother to look for her despite the fact her body was missing, but the two eventually reconcile.

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6: Gentle Kiss

Caroline was lost and confused— not that he could blame her. She hadn’t chosen this life; he had chosen his. Both of them had gotten to this point by very different means and reacted to it differently, but one thing was the same— they had each other. Ever since that night he was reborn and stumbled his way into her hospital room, the baby vampires only had each other. Of course, there were other people who understood~, but not really. So they had turned to each other, been each other’s support through the long nights and the intense hunger pangs. Caroline remembered Damon’s abuse, and Jeremy remembered Vicki’s death— the memories rocked them both, but they still had each other. Elena hated Jeremy for turning himself, and Matt couldn’t handle Caroline’s heightened neurotic state, so all they had was each other. “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Jeremy murmured quietly as his lips brushed against hers, tasting the blood of her latest victim through the kiss. And she could taste his, and they weren’t ashamed.

Because they had each other.