Matt Murdock + courtroom

What I love about Matt’s first appearence in court in season one and his second appearence in season two is the incredible change in his demeanor. He goes from calm, dark and collected, to irritated, arrogant and confrontational. Two very different situations, with different things at stake, and you can see Matt having absolute power over himself in the first one and you can see that same power slipping away in the second one, when Matt’s mind is clouded by the infamous question “what does it mean to be a hero?”. Everyone seem to know the answer better than him. But he is Daredevil and he’s fierce and he won’t let people - not even Foggy - diminish the value of what he’s doing. He’s pulled in dark places and toward even darker frequentations. The law can’t help him anymore.


Hey asshole! How many priors you got?

What’d you say to me?

I asked you about your priors.

Yeah, keep talking shit. I’ll check you into ICU myself.

You got face tatoos, friend. That’s like telegraphing “I know what prison meatloaf tastes like”

You just better step back, now.

I’m not gonna ask you if you know what happens when you get charged with assault. I got a hunch you got more mug shots than baby pictures back home.

Man, who are you?

I’m the pro-bono suit you’ll try to retain after you go down for this. Only not even my soft-hearted partner will take your case, or any other self-respecting attorney in Hell’s Kitchen. Not because you’re so badass, but because you’re just that stupid.

You got a big mouth, asshole.

You forget, I do this for a living. […] I’m gonna do what attorneys do best and appeal to your selfish natures. Simply put, if you carve each other up right now, in front of these witnesses, with cops right outside, you’re screwed! I’m not asking you to lose your oh-so-serious stink-eye. Just, don’t fight.

thanks to @entangledwood for the request