tv shows with arthurian episodes

Many tv shows, especially fantasy ones, have that one lovely arthurian episode! Here there is a list (I will update it in the future) of the ones I know (feel free to add stuff!). Tv shows like Stargate or Once Upon a time are in the list of arthurian tv shows so I didn’t put them here.

Carry on Laughing
s02e01 (Under the Round Table)

Just a little comedic episode, with a lot of jokes about Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin and incompetence.

s06e08 (Sword and the City)

The Lady of the Lake is running away with Excalibur but when she is killed by a demon the sword ends up in a stone and now it’s up to the three witches to protect Excalibur because every demon wants it. Accidentally, Piper accidentally takes the sword out of the stone.

Doctor Who Classic
s26e01-e04 (Battlefield)
The cruel Morgana and her son Mordred are in modern times to take Excalibur (after Camlann) and defeat the Doctor, who is known in Camelot as Merlin.

Fairy Oddparents
s02e09 (Knightly Knight)
Timmy goes to a medieval fair but it’s not real or fun enough for him so he wishes to live in real medieval times. There he meets Merlin, Artie’s greedy uncle, who wants Artie to become king at any cost. And of course there are the mythical sword in the stone and a dragon.

s06e07 (Fairy Oddlympics)
Timmy organizes some games to decide who between the Fairies, the Anti-fairies and Pixies are the best in the magical world. The last game is a marathon across various ages and we can see king Arthur in Camelot selling and renting camels.

Family Guy
s04e13 (Jungle Love)

In a desert island Peter is the richest man and he is so happy that he says that he as not been this powerful since his ancestor king Arthur became king. We have brief flashback of Arthur and Guinevere where the lady promises him sexual favours if he can take the sword.

The Ghostbusters (1975)
s01e14 (Merlin the Magician)

I have not watched it yet!

s05e19 (The Once and Future King)

King Arthur, helped by Mab, wants to take a magic sword out of a stone to become king but Merlin advises him that the sword is a curse and he will become a tyrant. Mab objects that Arthur is now under her protection so Merlin, to change history, sends Arthur back in time and asks Hercules to help him.

Justice League
s02e20-e21 (A Knight of Shadows)

Morgana and her son Mordred want to conquer the world. The Justice League fights against them.

s03e03 (Kid Stuff)
After Modred magically eliminates adults from the world, his mother transforms a League team into children in order to do battle with her son in that situation. (Copied from imdb as I did not watch it).

s07e07-e08 (Good Knight Macgyver)

These two episodes were actually pretty good, if you have the chance to watch them: take it! Macgyver is accidentally hurt and he loses coscience, waking up in arthurian times like the famous “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. During the stories he has to fight against Morgana, save Galahad’s fiance and develop a friendship with the not-so-magic Merlin the Wizard.

Robin of Sherwood
s03e04 (The inheritance)

Isadora is the daughter of Agravaine, a descendent of the arthurian Agravaine. The story says that there must always be an Agravaine in Camelot/Caerleon to protect the round table. Isadora finds Robin to ask him help to defend the castle of her father from bandits who want to steal a supposed treasure.

s02e11 (Oh What a Trangled Spell She Weaves)

With an enchantment, Sabrina makes Hilda’s precious carpet “return to its place of origin” and then sends Hilda and Zelda to the same place so that they can take the carpet back. The place is Merlin’s castle because the carpe once was Merlin’s. Also: Zelda and Merlin used to be in a relationship 500 years before but their relationship didn’t work out. Now Merlin (who is really a petty and cruel character) wants Zelda to love him again.

s03e02 (Boy, was my face red)
Zelda and Hilda help Sabrina with her problems with being embarassed and ashamed making her see a little movie about king Arthur who, bending down to take the sword out of the stone, hears a crack: it’s his pants tearing.

The Simpsons
s11e05 (E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt))

At the beginning of the episode the Simpsons are at the cinema watching a movie where Zorro has to fight against various enemies to restore king Arthur on his throne in a mix of historical inaccuracies.

The Twilight Zone
s01e24 (The Last Defender of Camelot)

Did not watch it, sorry! But imdb says that it’s about Morgana summoning Lancelot to help Merlin restore Camelot.

A Twist in the Tale
s01e01 (Obsession in August)

At the beginning of the ‘900, two kids are guest of Lord Arthur, in Cameliard, and his daughter Jenny. Their uncle Lance, Arthur and an old man who clearly represents Merlin are obsessed by the legend of Camelot and are getting closing to finding the real Camelot. A mysterious witch named Morgana doesn’t agree as she wants to protect the secrets of Camelot.

Ultimate Spider-Man
s03e21 (Halloween Night at the Museum)

I have no watched it, but imdb tells me it’s about Peter and Jessie fighting Morgan le Fay.

Season 4

The Winx find out that on Earth there were fairies once and that Morgana was their queen. The Winx has to help Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, and free Morgana and her fairies from the Tir-Na-Og, the enchanted world where some evil wizards caged them.