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matt x elektra moments from every episode (57/?) ➝ 2x12 - the dark at the end of the tunnel

maybe this is my chance. 
to what? to be loved?
then don’t let me get your way. i am the enemy of the hand. 
so kill me. 

started bnha and uraraka is cute af


i read this fic and….goddamn its so good… i love it so much…. i had to draw something… then i had to stop because if not i kinda woulve ended up drawing… everything

im just such a sucker for total strangers becoming friends becoming family FFFUCK YOU DONT EVEN KNOOOWWW


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outlander parallels: 1.09 | 2.07

request - anonymous: “Idk if this has been done before but if you do take requests could you make a gif set of 1x09 when Claire and Jamie are lying together and smiling and he boops her nose and then in season 2 when we see Claire and young!Bree when Claire boops Bree’s nose?”