s2 ep21

And yes. I am still on the train 100%. Slamming the accelerator down on that motherfucker. So far, the Arrow posse’s predictions have come true.

Bio weapon used on Starling? Yes.

Oliver to marry Nyssa? Yes.

Ra’s wants Oliver to marry Nyssa to secure his bloodline? Yes.

The promo, the photos….EVERYTHING that is happening right now is misdirection. Marc promised a surprise. If Oliver & Nyssa are the surprise…HE JUST RUINED IT. That’s like handing a kid a wrapped birthday present and telling them what’s in it before they open it. What’s the point? There’s something else going on here.

And yes…Nyssa isn’t wearing a mask. We were afraid of that. We knew if there wasn’t a mask our “How” theory would take a hit. But the fact still remains - WE KNOW THE END RESULT. We know A to Z. Maybe we got how wrong…I don’t know. But all the other evidence still stands.

Theroy - Felicity was pretty heavy handed in her instructions to Thea to go “live her life with Roy.” Then we get a happy Theroy in the promo.

So right now…the two couples that look the MOST likely for a wedding are Oliver & Nyssa or Thea & Roy. The most likely…in episode 3x21. Um…that’s not good people. You want to look the LEAST likely going into the season finale if you have any HOPE of being “the couple”. Which couple does it look really freaking bad for right now? Which couple does it look almost IMPOSSIBLE for them to get married?


Marc is promising a surprise. How is Oliver & Nyssa a surprise? How is Thea & Roy a surprise? THEY ARE NOT. We can’t see the how. Marc has made the how almost impossible to see.  Which means he’s got us right where he wants us.

This isn’t the time to bail. This is gut check time. Are you in or are you out? This is where the rubber meets the road and it gets tough. When the odds are stacked against Olicity. It’s time to strap in and hold on tight, because this train ride we’re on is going to get very very bumpy, but that doesn’t mean we won’t reach the destination.

Oliver & Felicity….together, happy….and MARRIED.


More to come in my review….all lay out all the evidence okay? Just breathe friends.



Okay, so I just have to say that Jen has nailed it once again with this post. 

How do prestidigitators (magicians for the lay person ;) ) peddle their trade - misdirection. Magicians distract their audience with a cute bunny…

And then do the switcheroo while we’re watching the cute fluffy thing… or, as in the picture above, the psychotic fluffy thing which gutted the cute fluffy thing and is now wearing it as a hat. The world of magician’s assistant is a cut throat one… apparently. 

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