s2 dvds

Is it bad I’m still hopeful for seeing that “scruff burn” kiss?

From the kisses we’ve seen so far —unless they shot those scenes many, MANY times (in which case we better get that footage on a S2 DVD or something)— none of them have been lengthy/passionate enough to warrant a swollen mouth and a reddened upper lip.


I’m thinking that must mean we’re getting a Malec makeout session soon. Oh gawd, please, please let me be right on that. Either way, I’ll probably die.

Yeah, these are the things I sit around and think of. I’m such trash.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm kinda confused about the welcome to the madness clip! Is this an episode of s2? How do they dvds work?? sorry ,!

It’s a clip from the Blu-ray DVD which means it was a scene that they preliminary had in an episode but ultimately cut out due to either time constraints or something and put as an extra on DVD set!