You are gonna get through this. It might feel impossible, but you have the rest of your life, okay? And it’s gonna be tough, but it’s also gonna be really, really amazing. If you get through this, you can get through anything. I promise.
—  Jules Callaghan | Flashpoint S1x6: Attention Shoppers

If you think Tahno deserved to lose his bending, I seriously think you should drink a bottle of Pepsi Blue because you’re a douchebag. I’m sorry, but he was fucking fabulous as hell. Of course it’s messed up that he paid off the refs in order to win the tournament, but let’s not forget that it’s not entirely his fault. The refs also allowed themselves to be paid off. If they had any standards, they wouldn’t have allowed that. And he doesn’t deserve to lose his bending simply because he cheated. Benders have that ability since they’re children. Could you imagine growing up with something and losing it? It’s not like your pet ran away, this is something that’s literally a part of you. And some crazy psychopath just comes and takes it away? That’s like someone running up and cutting off your arm because you swatted a fly even though it had nothing to do with them. Seriously, the only people who have deserved to lose their bending, are people who are truly doing ridiculous damaging harm with it like Ozai and Zhao. Not a team that cheats a game.

ALSO; Am I the only person who finds it kind of odd that no one came and took away the Fire Ferrets bending? I know Amon said that he was saving Korra for last, but he had them electrocuted and then tied up? That’s it? And then after he takes away Tahno’s bending he takes off. You think he would at least go after her teammates. Or at least after Bolin considering he got away the last time. I don’t know, but something about that just seems really weird to me. And how come after Amon showed up and fucked shit up, Hiroshi and Asami were nowhere to be seen? They electrocute the announcer, but that’s it? For what?

Flashpoint S1xE6: Attention Shoppers

I’ve seen this episode before and the first time I saw it it was with my Mum. I didn’t cry then but just now watching I almost started to cry but I’m getting my hair done so that would be bad.

It was a heartbreaking episode with Tasha who was a rape victim got beat up in a mall bathroom with a gun pointed at her.

I was glad she got hold of that gun before the girls could hurt her more then they did. I felt bad for her home life as well. Her mum’s a drunk and I don’t know how she managed to keep her room so clean.

Then I was so scared for her when she was going to jump from the 8th story. I was about to cry and then Jules coaxed her out of it. Then them fell. My heart was in my throat.

I would have loved to have seen Wordy talking to Tasha at the end telling her things will get better even though Jules already told they would.

Sam going into the girls locker room was nuts. I can totally tell he likes her even though I already know this because they are getting married.

As always not enough Spike