You remind me of this girl, a girl from my neighborhood growing up. She was smart, she was funny, she was beautiful. And then she got married… real young to this guy who beat the crap out of her. The thing about Shelley was that she’s such a tough cookie, that it took us, I don’t know, two years to figure it out. Two years… before I realized why she wore turtlenecks in the summer. Before I figured out why she’s always looking so scared. Two years before I could help her get out of that marriage, before anyone could help her get away. And you know what? If I’d been given half a chance, I would have killed him.
—  Kevin “Wordy” Wordsworth | Flashpoint S1x4: Asking For Flowers
Kevin ‘Wordy’ Wordsworth: No, you know what Shelley taught me?
Ed Lane: No, Wordy, what’d your wife teach ya?
Kevin 'Wordy’ Wordsworth: Don’t be a victim, don’t be a perpetrator, and above all, don’t be a bystander.
—  Flashpoint S1x4: Asking For Flowers 
Flashpoint S1XE4: Asking For Flowers

Another episode I had not seen. It was pretty crazy, but so good.

I felt so bad for Sadie the girl was being abused by her husband but knew if she told anyone they wouldn’t believe her.

Her sister in my eyes was the hero, although it could have been handled a different way.

Holding the man hostage on a boat while knowing he was a police officer. I’m just like that takes some serious guts.

I felt bad that Sam had to swim out to the boat to connect a listening device, but at the same time I was so glad because they now have proof that the husband Pete was beating on his wife.

Wordy getting Sadie to tell him the truth about her being abused by Pete broke my heart. It was brave of him to talk about the abuse of a woman he once knew or knows. I think he said her name was Shelly who he happens to be married to and has three daughters with.

If that is true he’s a true hero in my eyes and I love Wordy for stepping up to really get the answers.

Sort of disappointed in Ed for feeling like Clark his son needs to stand up for himself instead of telling someone. I mean come on violence is not the answer you are a police officer. Aren’t you supposed to be all about calm and collective ways to fix things?

Ed should not have gotten mad at Wordy for speaking about going to the school and seeing what this bullying is. Wordy takes bullying very seriously and him sticking up for himself saying that Shelly taught him stuff on not being the victim. He was right.

Sam and Jules were really cute towards the end of the episode. Favorite part was probably Wordy getting out of his car and hugging Shelley it was the perfect way to end a show.

Still not enough Spike.