It’s finally here- please ignore the mediocre graphic-! Since several of you asked me for some kalagang fanfiction recommendations, I decided to go through ff.net and ao3 to see what I could dig up :) 

These are based on my preferences of quality and of course there are more works out there to be considered, but this is a short list because there are not many fics out there yet. There are more one shots because I was not able to find many multi-chap fics that I personally liked, but hopefully this list will grow!

Please submit any recommendations you have to me so that I can review them for next time, and if you’d like to be considered for membership to kalagangfanfiction where you and the other members can keep track of, write, share, and be a part of a blog dedicated to kalagang fanfiction, shoot me an ask and I’ll give you more details :) Enjoy!

One to Four Shots
The Space Between - Paige Cruz | T | Canon | Post s1 
Thank God for Gravity - Paige Cruz | T | AU | High School 
Have I Found You - vballqueen17 | T | Canon | s1
Savior - SignedxoxoxoNelly | T | Canon | Post s1
Deja-Vu - oddandproud | M | Canon | Post s1
Ashes and Wine - Lynyrd Lionheart | M | Canon | Post s1
It Takes An Ocean Not To Break - insomniabug | T | Canon | Post s1
Those Nights - ravenclawslibrary | M | Canon | Post s1 
Stuck In Reverse - thingcalledlove | M | Canon | s1
Something Kept Me Standing - proserpinna | T | Canon | Post s1
More Vivid Than Sunsets, Brighter Than Stars - wordslinging | M | Canon | s1
Creases In The Rain - sparklesthedark | M | Canon | Post s1
Leads Me Straight To You - happilyinsane13 | T | Canon | Post s1
My Other Brushes With Miracles - eudaimon | M | Canon | Post s1

Through Thick and Thin - thenoblehouseofblack | M | Canon | Post s1 
Set My World Into Motion - republica | NR | AU| Vampires/Supernatural