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Zsasz/Zsaszette personal headcannon:
That smile he gives the girls in this scene is too…brotherly. Like, “Awh, look at those two causing mischief and mayhem and making people feel uncomfortable. How adorable.”
I just feel like his relationship with the Zsaszettes is strictly family-based, not romantic. Maybe he picks these girls up off the streets because they were victims of crime and he wants to teach them how to fend for themselves. (Particularly rape victims, because he’s a gentleman that would never force himself on a woman. This does not mean he won’t get rough with a consensual partner; c'mon, this guy loves to murder, he’s going to have his kinks.)
Of course, he’d never train them to be quite as good as he is, because he always has to be the best.


That’s the story of your life, you taking care of your mother when she should have been taking care of you. It’s not right, when children fall they need to know someone will be there to pick them up. You know how much your mother depends on you, but who do you depend on? Who do you turn to when you’re stressed out about school or money or relationships. I’m telling you it’s okay to fall because those of us who love you will be there to pick you up again.