25 years later and this joke is still relatively funny

Finished my top 6 favorite episodes (though I have more.. this was hard!)

Episode names from left to right:

  • The Flu (Flu Attack)
  • End of the Curse
  • Like the Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom
  • Whose Face Is This Anyway?
  • Three On A Couch
  • The Case of the Libertine Belle

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anonymous asked:

Do you think we are going to see all the Rivamika badass scenes in the anime or you think they will cut some of them?

Hello anon! I believe they won’t dare scrap any of the badass scenes, since they’re so pivotal to the plot. The most important Rivamika moment from season 1 (chapter 30) was kept almost intact, with a few small (and maybe even pro-Rivamika?) changes, after all. 

However, there’s a possibility that they’ll make changes to the more subtle Rivamika scenes. For example, a relevant Rivamika scene (Mikasa’s monologue) from chapter 33 was cut from the last episode of season 1. Personally, I believe they just postponed it to season 2, to be shown as a flashback.

It would make a lot of sense if Isayama asked Director Araki to postpone it, because at the time he must’ve had the Uprising arc outlined already and he must’ve thought that it would be better to tie the chapter 33 scene to Mikasa’s approach from chapter 53 or to another scene from the Uprising arc. 

Or maybe they postponed it because it wouldn’t fit at all in episode 25, since it was the episode that deviated the most from the manga content (and by far). What really bothered me from that episode was Levi joining the fray with the 3DMG to extract Eren from his titan, totally downplaying his leg injury. That might be another reason why Mikasa’s monologue about his injury was missing. ):

There’s hope, though - the Ereani fight (Annie pinning Eren to the ground) was missing from the anime at first, yet it was included in the compilation movie Wings of Freedom. That’s why I believe the chapter 33 scene was just postponed. 

Plus, there’s the fact that there’s just so much Rivamika / Ackerman content in the Uprising arc. It’d be suspicious if Isayama / Araki scrapped some of this material, considering Levi and Mikasa are the most popular male and female characters, respectively. That wouldn’t please Kodansha’s Editorial Department at all.

Isayama considers the anime the exact adaptation of the manga because, exclusively at his request, it fixes some of the choices he regretted while drawing SNK. It’s his work, so if he decided not to include that Rivamika scene in episode 25, I believe that’s for the best.

S1E21: Gotta Share, Gotta Care

I love this outfit.

I was quite surprised when I saw this episode for this first time. Is this really going to be an episode about taking land from the native Americans on a kid’s show?

Good episode. I think this had the first significant Pinkie 4th wall break and the origin of the whole “Fluttershy is a tree” meme.

SNK Anime Episodes 21-22 x Chapter 30 Comparison

(AKA the first real Rivamika interaction in SnK!)

While replying to @leviyato I came up with the idea of listening to episodes 21-22′s dialogue and comparing it to chapter 30′s written one. While I knew the anime scripts were pretty faithful to the manga, it wouldn’t hurt to check this episode given it’s full of Rivamika fanservice. RIGHT? 

The good news is that the script we all know and love was kept almost intact, but there are some small but very interesting changes even I missed after rewatching / rereading this part in both anime and manga.

S: Manga dialogue compared to the anime script. [+additions] removals

C: Crunchyroll’s translation

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