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Sansa's association with motherhood in the show

Okay so a mutual of mine who wishes to remain anonymous wanted me to make this post. All observations are hers. Nothing belongs to me.

The number of times Sansa is associated with motherhood (and I think building winterfell eventually)

1. S1e1: (first freaking episode): Cersei asks if she ‘has bled yet.’
2. S1e?: Conversation with septa Mordane in the throneroom: ‘what if I only have girls.’
3. S1e10: When Joffrey is showing her Ned’s head: ‘when you have your blood I’ll put a son in you.’
4. S2e6(?7): she gets her period:'I’m fit to bear children for the king.’
5. Same episode: conversation with Cersei about motherhood.
6. S2e10: Cersei tells her if the city falls she will be happy for not having her period. Otherwise she will be raped and have a bastard in her belly like the other women.
7. Same episode: The Hound: 'your sons will be killed too.’
8. Tywin tells Tyrion he needs to marry her: 'wed her, bed her and put a child in her.’
9. S3e7(?): Sansa and Margeary dicussing their sons. Sansa suddenly thinks she will have to have sex with Tyrion. Margeary proceeds to give sex advice. (This scene incidentally (?) preceeded by Tormung gving Jon sex advice.
10. Scene followed by Tyrion and Bronn discussing his marriage to S. Bronn: 'Get a son in the Stark girl.’
11. S3e8: Sansa and Tyrion’s wedding. Tywin tells Tyrion he needs to stop drinking as his wife 'needs a child, a Lannister child.’
12. Same scene: Joff pesters Sansa. She will finally have a baby 'a Lannister baby. It doesn’t matter which Lannister puts it in her.’ Threatens to rape her.
13. S3e10: After Tyrion learns of red wedding. Tywin reminds him again that it’s his duty to get Sansa pregnant.
14. Same episode: Cersei conversation with Tyrion. Apparently very sincerely tells Tyrion to get Sansa pregnant to make her happy as motherhood was the only thing that kept her Cersei from jumping out of a window from the Red Keep.

Additions: Sansa talking to her Mum and Dad about giving Joffrey babies with beautiful blonde hair. Feel free to add more references from the books and the show.

Sorry it took me so long to make this post dear friend (who wishes to remain anon) Anyway, So Sansa has always been associated with motherhood. What could the books and the show be hinting at possibly? Rebuilding of winterfell?? Little babies with dark and *wink wink* curly mop of hair??

Theories?? Ideas??