Great Moments in Top Gear History: Season 19’s Drag Race.


Great Moments in Top Gear History: Season 19’s world’s biggest game of Laser Quest.

Thoughts while watching The Bachelor S19E02

I didn’t realize till now that this is the 19th season… I should have watched at least one episode of this show by now…

I could never be on this show… 

I’m not THAT hot, I don’t know how to paint on my make up, I would never live in a house full of chicks all fighting for the same guy… especially not the same guy I was dating.

This guy seems so awesome… honest, sweet, caring, down to earth. The preview of the season makes him seem like an asshole.

TV… fake ass reality show… this is all for entertainment and I highly doubt you can find love or even really get to know someone with a camera on them 24/7.

Six girls on one date? I feel like any girl this guy would really like would not end up spending any time with him because she wouldn’t fight for it. 

Kimberly… really? 

What was with Jillian’s censors? 

He is way to pretty… I really hope that’s TV magic and not the real him…

Is this show really 2 hours? 

Girls - This that stand out

Kimberly - Didn’t get a rose

Juelia (30) - Widow with daughter

Samantha - Pretty eyes…

On the date: 

Mackenzie (21) - Curly hair, high pitched voice, likes Chris’s “perfect nose”, believes in aliens?, 1 year old son (Kale), Chris kissed, got a rose

Tara (26) - The drunk chick from the first episode

Ashley I. (26) - “Jersey Shore”, virgin, got a rose

Did we even see these girls on the date?


Tandra (30) - Executive Assistant, sandy blonde

Kimberly - Didn’t get a rose

One on one date… helicopter ride

Megan (24) blonde/make up artist, father passed away recently, date at Grand Canyon, Chris kissed, got a rose

(got to get more alcohol, didn’t know when I sat down this was a 2 hour show…)

Still having trouble figuring out who all these girls are. I can’t keep them all straight. How many are there?

Kelsey, Trina, Alyssa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashely S., Julia, Kaitlyn, Britt. Are any of those names right?

Zombies coming at the lemo? Do none of these girls keep a pocket knife on them?

Kaitlyn (29) - she’s the “dance instructor”, a lot of teeth, Chris kissed

Ashley S. - crazy chick, hair stylist, SO CRAZY (so crazy/drunk she doesn’t know where she is), pretty sure she is unconscious,  

Juelia (30) - Widow with daughter, Esthetician?

I hope the paintball zombies are wearing lots of padding, getting shot at by a bunch of crazy women… the bruises would be horrible. Sometimes from 2 feet away?!?!?!

Jillian (25) - News Producer, brunette

I'm going to figure out who is who…

Jordan (24) - student, drunk, dirty blonde

Amber (29) - bartender

Becca (25) - Chiropractic Assistant, Light brunette

Chris dealing with Ashley S. is so sweet. 

Britt - chick Chris kissed in E01, dimples, brunette w/ highlights

Whitney (29) - Fertility Nurse (oh yeah, where has she been this episode?), gave him his favorite whiskey, blonde, 

Ashley I. - madeout with Chris

Amber (29) - bartender, Chris kissed

Trina (33) - Special Ed Teacher, blonde

Jordan (24)- drunk again

Learning so much about these girls… maybe I’ll remember there names next episode hahaha

Roses: Ashley I., Megan and Mackenzie. Britt, Ashley I., Trina, Kelsey, Samantha, Juelia, Amber, Tracy, Jillian, Jade, Nikki, Becca, Carly, Whitney? and Ashley S. (really??? That HAD to be the producers doing!) 



Chris has kissed

E01: Britt.

E02: Mackenzie, Megan, Kaitlyn, Britt, Ashley I. and Amber.