My Engagement Ring

My (now) fiancé, Austin, worked with jewelry designer Ben High to design my engagement ring. Austin contacted Ben and said that he wanted help in designing and creating a ring based on my favorite camera in the whole world, the S16mm Arri SR3. 

A little context to this camera; this is the camera that made me fall in love with filmmaking. While in grad school for Cinematography, I used several film cameras, but the SR3 felt “just right.” The images that S16mm cameras produce are in line with the aesthetic style that I want to have as a cinematographer. There’s something about the grain that gives the images a different organic feel that can’t be done digitally or even in other film stocks. 

Back to the ring—

Through about a month of back and forth communication and throwing around of ideas, Austin and Ben came up with this absolutely beautiful ring. This is the most incredible ring I’ve ever seen and I am so grateful and in love with Austin for the thought, time, and money that went into getting this done. I am thankful to Ben for this beautiful design and his skilled craftsmanship in creating something so perfect for Austin and me.

This ring is a reminder to stay creative, and a reminder that someone cares and loves me so much but also pushes me to pursue my dreams and stay creative and do things that make me happy as well. 

(*The numbers on the ring are our anniversary, the ring is white gold with diamonds from Canada, and the receptables have two diamonds in them.)