Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

 Criminal Hatred (S14E12)


Did anyone ever notice the way Barba looked at Nick in this scene during ‘Criminal Hatred’ (S14E12)?

It was right after Nick made a comment about Charles Murphy, one of the men who had been assaulted by Jeremy Jones. Nick said that Charles Murphy was ‘a victim in search of a crime’ because instead of going on a weekend trip with his wife and kids (’he would have been fine’) he went into a gay bar looking for sex and fell victim to a predator.

Now my head canon is that Barba is bisexual and he is also in the closet (just like the men Jeremy Jones was targeting). With this in mind I would interpret this scene as Nick’s comment (which imho was a case of victim blaming) hitting a bit too close to home for Barba and he really would have liked to give Nick a piece of his mind but he couldn’t (for obvious reasons). So all he could do was giving him a glare (and Nick being completely oblivious about it).

But I would be interested to see how others have interpreted this scene.