anonymous asked:

Who has been your favourite ever contestant on DWTS and why?

Katherine Jenkins my favorite contestant ever because S14 was the first time I ever watched a season entirely and voted. For starters her Welsh accent is the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard. Her dancing was just so good in a very non-gimmicky way. I love that she didn’t need a storyline necessarily. and her and Mark didn’t need a “showmance” to prove they had great chemistry. It was just very very traditional, technical, difficult steps and killer lines. I was quite surprised at her ability to adapt to different characters and styles. Really her Week 2 jive was her game changer it was so opposite from Week 1 and what you’d expect from her. I think Mark gave her the most steps of any celeb that season. I found her to be very humble and grateful for the support and opportunity. She never gave off the impression that she felt she deserved more than she got (even though she did). I just loved the way Mark was with her, I had seen him in previous seasons and liked his choreo but it was the first time I personally saw a softness from (although he did show it w/Chelsea Kane). They both seemed to be affected by their partnership. Plus she bought out Mark’s British side/accent who doesn’t love that..