Hayley Stark, a 14-year-old teenage girl takes revenge on an Internet predator, a photographer she met on the internet, whom she believed a pedophile. HARD CANDY has a somewhat brilliant cinematography, lighting and plot. I like the drastic change in the film’s mood when the playful Hayley starts to terrorize Geoff, the colorful ambiance suddenly turns cold with the emergence of heavily desaturated color. This thriller is fascinating thanks to the incredible performances by both Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, they’re both practically the prime elements who move the film’s plot. Excellent camera works and cinematography once again.



Despite the worldwide applause regarding the meticulous details about the Mayan, a direct criticism came from Traci Arden, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Miami, who claims to know the Mayan well. She said Gibson never mentioned the achievements in science and art, the profound spirituality and connection to agricultural cycles, or the engineering feats of Maya cities. All he did was emphasizing the racial tones of the savages.