Larry Clark returned with another disturbing film that deals with juvenile delinquency, underage sex as well as violent life, Ken Park. Overall Ken Park is even more disturbing, provocative as well as daring when compared to his earlier film, Kids. Ken Park centers around 4 friends, each from a dysfunctional family. During the first screening at the Venice film festival in its uncensored form, Ken Park shocked the film board due to its vivid sexual content, especially the final scene where the three friends performed threesome in graphic details.

I guess this sense of being disturbing can easily be applied to Clark’s other films whose nature mostly are provocative and daring. This film gives a special freshness. The option of using nonprofessional actors adds a depth and concern for his characters that had already shown, but never with so much understanding and subtlety. If Kubrick wanted to do a porn movie that had all the characteristics of a normal movie, what Larry Clark did was the other way around.

Hayley Stark, a 14-year-old teenage girl takes revenge on an Internet predator, a photographer she met on the internet, whom she believed a pedophile. HARD CANDY has a somewhat brilliant cinematography, lighting and plot. I like the drastic change in the film’s mood when the playful Hayley starts to terrorize Geoff, the colorful ambiance suddenly turns cold with the emergence of heavily desaturated color. This thriller is fascinating thanks to the incredible performances by both Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, they’re both practically the prime elements who move the film’s plot. Excellent camera works and cinematography once again.

Bruce Lee is without question the most influential martial arts figure in recent times, and some say ever. His methods have touched many martial arts systems changing all for the better in that it made them more self defense effective.