Orgasm. Its not a dirty word.“no, no no” Im dying. I have to impart wisdom.“this wisdom? Right now?you’ve got time we, dont have to go there right now…. ive had orgasms” well good.They’re not a gift its your right dont let anyone tell you otherwise.and this is Important. At least once a day. Sometimes i like to wait until right before bedtime but–“oh god no. mom no.”. Your too intense! to Have Some Fun.“ “i have plenty of fun”. good. You were always so good.“what do you mean?” incredible grades, clean room, ooh and you never talked back, and you were never messed around with the boys.“most parents would appreciate that”– oh i did, then. But now…You need to shake it up a little. Be a little lazy or a little slutty. Make a mistake.“i have a job”– well your never gonna look back and say,`i wish i had been more uptight` And stop always saying what everyone wants to hear. Tell someone off. Its good for ‘em and better for you, especially if its a car salesperson.I brought my engagment ring to seattle. Its at the house in my jewlery bag, and i want you to have it. “Mom”– Your father gave it to me. He’d want you to have it too, so please– “Okay. Thank you.” I want you to fall in love.And it has to be somebody whos worthy. Find a decent man who loves you, just a little more than you love him.“ how bout equally as much? How bout that?”. No he needs to think that he is lucky to have you and not the other way around.(maggie chuckles).Never make yourself small for anyone. Be your own person. And try wearin a little lipstick.“you know mom if you keep going at this rate your gonna run out of advice before tomorrow”.
—  Grey’s Anatomy
“Be Still My Soul”
S13E18 Diane Pierce