Half Way Hangs MMXIV

Half Way Hangs is one of my favourite events in the country. It’s located at Valla Beach on the east coast of Australia, halfway in between Sydney and Brisbane. Cars from all over the country make the road trip there to spend days camping with the funnest group of people you’ll likely ever meet. I have to make it to HWH some time soon. An epic road trip with awesome cars, nights drinking and days drifting. Sounds like heaven!

HWH 2015 is coming up soon, but until then: watch this video of last year’s event.

the only film photo I touched up. The scanner made it very flat. I just brought the dark back in. At this point I was nodding off pretty bad and stopping every couple rest stops to run around and wake up a little. The next stop we took a nap. After we woke we only made it 15 minutes down the road before the motor let go, leaving us stranded with no cell service on the 101, quite literally, one thousand miles from home. This was the last photo I took from the rolls I’ve developed so far (still have two rolls half shot).