© March 14, 2015
By Sir. Rudyard Snaggs


1. 17 days, 17th yr locust.

2. 17 again, 17 kids & counting.

3. 17 filles, Stalag 17.

4. Betrayed at 17, Accused @ 17.

5. Fugitive at 17, Missing at 17.

6. 17 Million locks, 17 Million keys, 17 Million originals.

7. 17 Miracles, album 1700, Knowledge God.

I made this cipher a couple of years ago. To solve it one has to do some calculating, some guessing and googling, and use the only clue: the 880 first decimals of pi. I bought a blank canvas and spent a couple of weeks thinking about what would be the most beautiful to put on it, and this is was the result. It took about a month to write and calculate the cipher and I’m very proud of it. No one has figured out more than a couple of steps so far, I wrote it so that there are several layers of ciphering but that it’s easy to see if you are on the right track. The picture is high quality so you can zoom in on the separate symbols. There is also an awesome reward for the first person to solve it, what the reward is is written in the hidden text.

Thanks for your awesome submission, Nemi! You’ve surely put a lot of work into your cipher, and I’m sure it takes even more effort to crack the code.