Crazy Love

A/N: Just a little prompt that came to me the other day. Sorry for any grammar mistakes!

ps: this is inspired by a real life event from when I was 7 years old…  😁 Enjoy!

Owen Hunt, head of trauma at Grey Sloan Memorial couldn’t remember ever feeling this tired. It was such a busy day in the ER. There had been a massive car pileup on one of Seattle’s busiest streets which led to him and Kepner running around all day like crazy, trying to manage everything. To make his day even worse it was Amelia’s day off, which meant no breaks on on-call rooms.

Finally his shift ended and he could go home. On his was he started thing about Amelia and their married life. He missed her like crazy and all he wanted was to go home to her. He still had trouble believing sometimes that he got to go home to her. To say his life was full of adventures and unexpected moments to a bit of an understatement. Nothing about Amelia is boring. Sure they fought sometimes, what married couple doesn’t? But they’d always find their way back to each other.

Parking his blue pick-up truck on the drive way, Owen got out and made his way to the front door. HE shivered slightly, damn the summer had really come to an end…

“Damn it!” Owen heard his wife’s raspy voice coming from the kitchen as he opened the front door to their house. Making his way to the kitchen he could see some smoke coming from the microwave, which in its turn was missing the door. Said door was on the floor in the corner by the fridge. Bending down to pick it he made his way to his beautiful, clearly frustrated wife who was still cursing for some reason unknown to him.

“Hey there.”

“…this stupid microwave! Ugh!” Amelia mumbled on, not even noticing him. Only when Owen put his hands on her hips did she realized he was finally home. “Crap! You scared me! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“I didn’t sneak up on you, I said hello, but you’re obviously busy with something here…” Owen said, laughing at the death glare his wife gave him.

“It’s this stupid microwave!” Amelia said, while receiving a kiss on the left temple from her husband. “Hm, you smell like the OR.”

“Well, I can see we’re gonna need a new microwave… What happened with this one?” He asked while stroking his thumbs against her hipbones, already expecting a weird and crazy explanation.

Amelia sighed, already knowing he was most likely going to laugh at her “I was hungry.”

Owen waited for her to continue. When she didn’t he gently urged her to, clearly confused as to where the conversation was going.

“I was hungry, so at first I thought I’d wait for you to come home and cook me something-“ her explanation  was interrupted by his chuckled, which earned him an elbow to the stomach “As I was saying, I was waiting for you but you were taking forever, so I thought I’d look in the fridge to see if we had any leftovers. Turns out, there was some lasagna left from last night, so I put the tupperware on the microwave and as I was making my way to the bedroom to get another shirt because I was cold, the stupid microwave exploded! And-“

“Wait, wait! The microwave exploded?” Owen asked slightly shocked but not that surprised. This was his Amelia, anything is possible. “I know the kitchen isn’t your favorite division of the house and that you should not go unsupervised, but really…?”

“Hey! It wasn’t my fault this time! Apparently someone let a fork inside the tupperware when they put the lasagna on the fridge last night…”

Owen looked down, guilty. He had very little recollection of putting the lasagna on the fridge last night. He did remember, however, doing it in a hurry so he could join his wife in the shower. To safe water, of course, nothing else.

“This one is on you!”

“Hold on! How could you not notice the fork inside the Tupperware before you put it in the microwave?”

“I was hungry!”

Owen’s laugh was contagious and soon Amelia found herself laughing along with him. There they stood, hugging in the kitchen, laughing at yet another ridiculous event in their lives. Just one more to add to the list.

“You’re crazy!” he said kissing the sweet spot on her neck.

“Who is crazier, the crazy person or the one who loves them?”

His wife blew up the microwave… Honestly he wasn’t very surprised. Half of his life with Amelia turned into crazy stories. Stories that he couldn’t help but picture himself telling their children one day. But that’s another story for another day…

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