You’re the only one worth seeing

The only place worth being

The only bed worth sleeping's 

the one right next to you.

Oh my love,
I know I am a cold cold man.
Quite slow to pay you compliments.
Or public displayed affections.

- Cold cold man, Saint Motel  

For the anon who asked me for a couple reasons why Cas would be good for Dean, here’s a few off the top of my head: 

1. To Cas, Dean is a role model.  A good person, and Dean needs to be with someone who appreciates this. And reminds him of it. 

2. Cas is forgiving, and Dean needs someone who will be gentle with him when he screws up. 

3. He’s willing to go along with the silly things Dean wants to do

4. Cas is someone Dean can hunt with (he needs that, with everything good that Lisa was, that’s what was missing–the hunting partner aspect)

5. Cas allows Dean to take care of him. To Dean, taking care of people (acts of service) is a way he shows love. 

6. Dean is willing to share, emotionally, with Cas, like he is with few other people. 

7. Cas is willing to walk into death with Dean so Dean won’t have to be alone

8: He’s equally willing to stay behind so that Dean will have the comfort of knowing Sam won’t be alone

9. Dean trusts Cas to do the hard things

10. And most importantly, Cas makes Dean happy