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Things don’t always end well when you’re going hard, making questionable decisions or a combination of the two. So do yourself a favor and get a certified lid! -MG

Hi everyone, this is gonna be a crash course in helmet safety!

This is the inside of a helmet certified for multiple impacts. This means that you can take 2 or 3 hard blows to the head before needing to get a new helmet. (Note, this is for the S1 Lifer certified helmet I use for roller derby, others may take more or less impacts.)

This is the inside of an non-certified helmet by Triple 8, notice the lack of hard foam. These helmets are designed for single impacts (meaning if for example you’re riding your bike and you hit your head while wearing one, walk your bike to your destination because this helmet will no longer be protecting you)! When you hit your noggin, all that’s standing between you and the ground is the thin outer shell, and the cushy soft foam/sweat liner, and you need a new helmet immediately, even if it does not crack.

This is a photo I found on this thread on the long boarding sub reddit. It is an non certified Triple 8 helmet post-impact. Please note that Triple 8 is an alright brand and DOES make certified helmets, it just so happened that the only photos of non certified helmets I was able to find quickly happened to both be Triple 8 brand!

This is how your helmet should fit! The tighteners on your helmet should be right below your ears, and there should be no room between your chin and the strap.

and THIS is how I often see people wearing their helmets, leaving themselves unprotected in the event of impact. The following can happen if your helmet is not tightened properly.

This obviously leaves your head unprotected, leaving you open to head injury, and can even strangle you on your helmet straps. So go out, do your thing, and remember these basic helmet safety tips!