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This is both a cute and thematically important point for Transformers Robots in Disguise as it clarifies what the underlying story is ultimately ‘about’. It’s not just about Bumblebee becoming a leader, or about learning how to get by without Optimus…

It’s about Bumblebee becoming greater than Optimus.

It also unifies the events in past seasons. S1 was about BB coming into his own and realizing that he couldn’t rely on Optimus for everything. In S2, we see a more independent & mature Bumblebee who cannot go back to following Optimus’ command. In S2.5/S3 (The Starscream arc) we see Bumblebee as a leader who solves problems in ways Optimus simply would not. And now, in Combiner Force, we seem to be heading towards the full realization of BB’s maturity arc; surpassing Optimus in might & ability through a specific form of teamwork.


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