s1 and s2 are the best seasons ever

Time for a little perspective

Stephen Amell, at the CW upfronts, said that he knew the entire plot of season 3 in broad strokes (including olicity) by the time the season 2 finale aired. Similarly, he knew the general direction of the plots of S2 when the last arc of S1 was airing. We all know they were going all in with S3. But you guys know what else this means, right?

While we were seeing Ollie break the bro code (with his best friend, no less) in about five thousand different ways, Stephen absolutely knew where they were going to go with the romantic subplots a year later. There was nothing unintentional about his portrayal of Oliver, ever.

So all of these,

were inarguably the faces of a man lowkey in love (whether he knew it or not). 

He was totally jelly here:

And I’ve always said how he didn’t know how bad he had it until he screwed up big-time. Turns out I was right…

That is the guilty-realization face, ladies and gentlemen. Because our captain conveys emotions with a glance better than I could with a doctoral thesis.